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IQBoard IR

IQBoard infrared interactive whiteboard, finger touch directly! Multi- students collaboration at the same time,provide a truly interactive learning environment

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1.Multi-touch, more free interaction. Up to 16 users can write simultaneously on the whiteboard without boundaries.

Gesture Recognition: one finger to write; two fingers to select and palm to erase.

3.Smart design, easier maintenance: components can be directly assemble from board front for easier maintenance. Built-in small but smart and durable infrared senders and receivers guarantee the stability in use and low-cost in maintenance.

4.No need for special pen. It is convenient to write and operate with your finger and any object at lower cost.

Technical Specifications

Size: 82”; 87”; 92”; 100”

Touch Points: 16/10/6

Aspect Ratio: 4:3; 16:10

Technology: Infrared Technology

Signal Tracking Rate: 8m/s

Resolution: 32768*32768

Warranty: 3-year warranty

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User Manual

IQBoard IRQ Driver

    IQBoard IRQ Driver on win10V2.2


IQBoard IRx Driver

    IQBoard IRx Drivers on win10V8.0


IQKidBoard IRx Driver

    IQKidBoard IRx Drivers on win10V3.0V3.0


IQBoard IR & IR Pro Driver

    IQBoard IR & IR Pro Drivers(20160607) for Mac


IQBoard IRQ Driver

    IQBoard IRQ Drivers(160831) for Mac


IQBoard IRQ Drivers for Ubuntu 32

    IQBoard IRQ Drivers V2.2(20170224)-32 for Ubuntu


IQBoard IRQ Drivers Ubuntu 64

    IQBoard IRQ Drivers V2.2(20170224)-64 for Ubuntu


IQBoard IRx Drivers Ubuntu 32

    IQBoard IRx Drivers v8.0(20170224)-32 for Ubuntu


IQBoard IRx Drivers for Ubuntu 64

    IQBoard IRx Drivers V8.0(20170227)-64 for Ubuntu