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IQTouch (K Series)

High definition screen, sharpest images display and brilliant colors. Matching perfectly to Google Chromebook, rocking all over the Google world.

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Original and high definition screen, sharpest images and brilliant colors.

Metal frames with round corner design, seamless, safe and solid, avoid from collision.

Light sensation and auto-adjustment, energy saving and eye-protective.

Dual-system provided: Windows + Andriod.

Front buttons and gesture recognition ensure convenient operation.

Intel OPS integrated, plug and play; smart and flexible.

Front-set loud speaker gives you a vivid and excellent teaching & learning experience.

IQ Centralized Management Software: supports remote monitoring and controlling devices in LAN.

Technical Specifications

Model:LE065MCK; LE070MCK; LE084MCK; LE098MCK

Size:  65inch; 70inch; 84inch; 98inch

Display Technology: LED

Input Ports:  UHDx4, VGAx1, PC_AUDIOx1, YPbPrX1, LANx1, AVx1, TVx1, MEDIA_USBx1, PC_USBx1, TOUCH_USBx1, RS232X1

Output Ports: UHDx1, AVx1, EARPHONEx1, COAXIALx1

Operation System: Built-in Andriod (4.2/Quad-core CPU/1G RAM/4G Memories)

Touch Points: 6

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