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IQBoard PCT (Projected Capacitive Touch)

The Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology same as iPhone and iPad makes the PCT quickly respond without delay, operate directly and available for multi touch (30 points). The plug-n-play function provides the best experience, greatly enhancing the effect of cooperation and brainstorm.

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Up to 30-point touch on the large screen.

Fast touch response.

High precision and one-time calibration.

Convenient for transport and less cost with inclusive roll design.

Customized sizes up to the maximum length of 14m.

Directly write & wipe with whiteboard pens.

Technical Specifications

Model: 101"; 138"

Dimension (mm): 2248x1295; 3282x1295

Sensor Size (mm): 2096x1174 (94"); 3130x1174 (132")

Weight: 15kg; 18kg

Weight (Roll type): <15kg; <20kg

L/R Frame Width (mm): 74

T/B Frame Width (mm): 58

Size  Standard: 101", 138"

Technology: PCT(Projected Capacitive Touch)

Touch Points: 30 points

Report Rate: 120 Hz

Latency(ms): 100

Accuracy(mm): ±2 (typ.)

Touch Height (Z-depth) (mm): <0.5

Stylus Size (mm): 8-16

Power Consumption: <2.5 W

Dry-erase Film : Applied

Operation Systems: Windows7+, Chrome, Linux, Android, Mac(single touch)

Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 40

Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 40

Humidity: 20% - 90% relative humidity, non - condensing

Curved Support: R7800

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