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IQOne S Series

IQOne S Series is highly integrated with center control system, computer, document camera, audio amplifier and wireless PA system. Moreover, this system solves complicated devices connection and saves much time for classroom devices management before teaching. The front detachable design greatly improves its performance &future maintenance.

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Front detachable design for easier maintenance.

Capacitive touch panel-One key to control computer, projector and others.

Professional modular design-Connect built-in OPS, mainboard and others by faller gill as one. Upgrade and maintain easily.

Combine with central control, PC, document camera, audio amplifier, wireless MIC and other multimedia devices.

Automatically switch input source with IQ smart USB port.Easily build wireless interactive classroom with WiFi and 2.4G wireless Mic.

Anti-theft design (optional RFID card) and arc design with safety

Technical Specifications

Model: IQOne A511

Center panel ports: USB3.0*2, USB2.0*4, VGA Input*2, Smart USB*1, 3.5mm Audio input*1, 3.5mm Audio output*1, RJ45 Network *1, HDMI Input *1

Control panel: Capacitive touch panel to control various functions of IQOne.

Ports: USB2.0*2, VGA Output*1, HDMI Input *1, HDMI Output *1, 3.5mm Audio Output* 1, RS232 *1, Power socket of projector*1, Total power access*1

Audio frequency: 2*25W

Dimensions(mm): 1220*350*86

Power supply: AC110V-240V, 50HZ/60HZ, Load capacity 220V 5A

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