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IQClass Plus


An HTML5 Based Education Software ; IQCloud for file storage and sharing between students and teachers ; Compatible with all popular Browser/O.S ; No Installation and update silently ; Multi-Screen interactive.


HTML5 Based IQCLASS+ Software.

Multi-Screen interactive.

Compatible with All Popular Browser/O.S.

No Installation and Update Silently.

Compatible with Smart Notebook file.

Creating QR Code to Share.


Embed 3rd party content

Embed website, YouTube videos, text sound and pictures.

Multi-Screen interactive

Scan the QR code with your smart mobile devices ; Share screen and resources with PC,smart phone or Pad.

My files-Cloud space

Share files between teachers and students ; Data stored in the cloud.

Working simultaneously on the same workspace

Share files with class and all the pupils can work simultaneously on the same work space.

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