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IQView Micro-lecture Making Software


A multi-purpose software used with document camera ; An integration of the professional shooting, E-book making and Micro-lecture making.


One-stop micro-lecture recording and editing.Making micro-lecture video by IQView record orDesktop record ; Adding effects to frames and caption.

Easy operation and powerful functions ; Meeting different demands of teachers with Micro-lecture making, IQView recording, Comparison teaching, E-book making and gallery functions.

Teachers can upload the video to IQCloud by one click, which is easy for publishing video, online study and discussion.

Teachers can conduct micro-lecture making anytime in different occasions by using PC.



Editing or adding effects to video that is shot by camera devices such as high-speed scanner.

Comparison Teaching

Choose different comparison materials that come from the local resources or from what IQView has captured to conduct comparison teaching, making class more lively and attractive.


When pictures are uploaded from Gallery or Local resources, a number of basic tools on pictures such as Delete, Copy, Multi-select, Cut, and Picture Comparison can be conducted to edit or add effects to selected pictures.


Create a new .iqp file, and then make E-book by saving pictures that are captured or uploaded from the local, making it more convenient for teachers to prepare for and give class.

Micro-lecture Making

Use“Desktop” to record desktop operations and“IQView”to record operations under document camera. Then click“Edit”to edit recorded videos, such as clipping and uploading to cloud.

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    IQView Micro-lecture Making Software User Manual



    IQView Micro-lecture MakerV3.0