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New generation education software based on IQ interactive education platform, mobile teaching, class management, evaluation, E-book and IQCloud module ; easily interactive between IWB and IQPads for students and teachers.


Content can be delivered to each other by both teacher and student's terminal.

Real-time simulation test can be done for teacher to inspect student's learning outcome.

Use IQCloud to check homework then upload it for teacher's inspection.

Conduct praise, criticism, warning to rectify student's behavior.

Allow teacher to prepare courseware online and download from IQCloud.


Mobile Teaching

With the portable IQPad Teacher, teacher can control the interactive whiteboard remotely, making it easier for teacher to interact with students both online and offline.

Class Control

Through IQClass server, teacher can monitor IQPad Student of the whole class or just individual to make sure students are keeping up.


All IQPad Student and IQPad Teacher can present the same page or content synchronously ; individual student also can share content with class through IQClass server.

Simulation Test

Teacher can assign real-time simulation test to strengthen students' understanding ; IQClass server offer various question types, including choice, multiple choice, blank-filling, judging, sequencing, etc. System would automatically analyze results after the test.

IQCloud Resources

Teacher can share content or release homework through IQCloud while students can download files and finish homework on IQCloud.

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IQPad Teacher

IQPad Student

IQPad Student



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