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A New IQ, A Different Experience

As one of the most important exhibitions in education industry, China Education Show offers a unique platform to show latest technology and classroom equipment. This autumn (11.19-11.21), Nanning,China has witnessed the grand opening of the show. Guess what -- IQ has attended the exhibition and our booth is D-2006. 


During the exhibition, IQ has made a presentation of its core solutions, including IQClass solution and IQSchool solution.


IQClass solution is integrated with IQView Micro Lecture Making system, IQClass Intelligent Classroom system and School Resource Management system. 


With IQView Micro Lecture Making system,one-step video recording and editing can be achieved and published through IQCloud, no special environment required.


At the same time, IQClass Intelligent Classroom system facilitates interactive teaching before-in-after class,enabling teachers to conduct mobile teaching and creating lively atmosphere in classroom.

What’s more, School Resource Management system can not only manage media resources but conduct recording tasks according to schedule with automatic tracking camera.


Turning to IQSchool solution, an integrative solution combining multiple features, including school portals management, security supervision, affairs management, interaction between teachers and parents, devices management, students management and so on. All of these help connect school and classroom and home.


Except for these solutions, IQ star products of IQBoard DVT and IQTouch Screen have attracted attention as before. Especially, with four-screen presentation at the same time and simultaneous independent writing on screen, IQBoard MRQ product wins acclamation and becomes highlight product on spot.


This year, 71th China Education Show watched a splendid show from IQ. But there’s much more to explore. For more details of IQ products, please visit our official website: