News / To greet 2017 with enthusiasm in the IQ annual gathering
To greet 2017 with enthusiasm in the IQ annual gathering

It's traditional that Chinese companies will hold an annual gathering prior to the Chinese New Year to celebrate it together in advance, as well as to review the past year and look forward to the 2017.

The IQ annual gathering has been quite impressive with the five sections, including lucky draw through Wechat , election of outstanding employee, teamwork building, and dance performance by new-generation staffs and leaders'interaction.

IQ Annual Gathering 2017 P4.jpg

As an IT enterprise, IQ has undoubtedly adopted a new model of online interaction by logging to Wechat, allowing everyone to discuss and leave real-time messages that will be shown on the screen. Moreover, with photo wall and finger-shaped signs, IQ employees are able to take pictures and develop films by themselves.


During the section of outstanding employee election, Susan Chung and Jason Liao have been endowed the outstanding employee award and special dedication award respectively, and both of them come from the International B.U. Congratulation to them!


Furthermore, there has been a new section in the annual gathering named one symphony made by palms. All guests have been divided into 5 groups who will use their own applause and sound of knock to make their own rhythm. Five groups should collaborate with each other to perform an energetic symphony in which everyone plays a significant role, making everyone realize the importance of teamwork.


And as we know, the energy of an enterprise comes from young people. The young generation in IQ has presented themselves in their own way.

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The annual gathering has always been a good opportunity for IQ employees to interact. Besides the boss's annual address and show up of new organization, IQ leaders have expressed their feelings to each other, making themselves closer to employees and generate heart-warming atmosphere.


With so much happiness and nice memory in the company annual gathering, IQ would like to thank all employees for their efforts to achieve the goal of 100 million sales. Let us raise our glasses to hope for better achievement in 2017.    

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IQ Annual Gathering 2017 P2副本.jpg