6 KEY FEATURES TO Choose A Visualizer

A Visualizer, which can be also termed as Document Camera, Presenter or Visual Presenter, is basically a digital ICT and AV Presentation Resource that are being directly connected with any P.C, Interactive Whiteboard, Projector or LCD screen conveniently.

visualizer, document camera

It’s a highly effective Visual Teaching Aid for every sort of Educational Assessments conducted in Colleges, K-12 Schools, Training Organizations and Company Learning Centers.

visualizer, document camera

Before you start your search for the most effective available option to choose the best Visualizers or Digital Presenters for your own, do look carefully for some basic and essential features.



Visualizer’s arm is a support retaining the camera above the object. Visualizers are available in two kinds of arms designs- One is inflexible and other is flexible. Flexible arm Visualizers are easier to the presenter for capturing the object image from all angles as compared to rigid arm Visualizers. A presenter can choose Visualizer, with any specific arm, as per their requirement.


Resolution is probably the most prominent features, for that reason, a presenter must choose a Visualiser which carries more pixels. The better resolution a document camera will carry, the clearer and detailed image it will project on the screen or on the interactive whiteboard.


A presenter should choose a Visualizer that may cover more work area. For example, a document camera can project an A3 image easily if it carries work area of 420mmx297mm. It’s advantageous to choose a Visual Presenter or a document camera which can cover more work area.


Try to get a Visualizer which carry higher frame rate, in clear terms, images taken per second.

Visualizer with a higher frame rate projects smooth and skip-free flow of a video. Again, the higher the frame rate is, the better Document Camera is.


Another related feature is to look for a Visualizer with good built-in memory for storage or saving images, videos and other kinds of media. One can also opt for Document Camera or Visualizer which has a slot for an SD card in addition or instead of built in memory.


Search out for a Visualizer that possesses image and video capturing function in it. With a good Visualizer or Document Camera, a presenter can record Lessons, Sessions, Videos, Student Progress and much more.

Apart from these, a Presenter or a Teacher can also consider Visualizers or a Document Cameras which have few more important and useful features including USB2 Connectivity, Wall Mountable, Split Screen, Auto Focusing, Interoperability, able to showcase and Measure Lessons, Time Efficiency and which can promptly integrate with any Interactive Whiteboard to create Presentations, Digital Resources and Record Demonstrations promptly when using the Software.

One of the best choice that meets every demand mentioned beyond – IQ Interactive Document Camera. Contact us to get a demo: master@iqboard.net.

document camera, visualizer

Case Study – Chaoyang Primary School

Chaoyang Primary School is established in 1866 and located at Beibei district, Chongqing province, which has been a key primary school since new China was founded. Chaoyang Spirit of solidarity, progress, innovation, and dedication has been admired and well-known around the world. It has focused on education and research development and won a number of titles for its teaching purpose, that is, to bring qualified teaching to students and train more talents for society.

IQSchool is applied to Chaoyang Primary school with the aim of integration and efficiency. Multiple systems of school are integrated as one and each classroom relies on the same school LAN. In a word, IQSchool makes emission reduction and energy conservation more available to school and at the same time improves campus management efficiency. The following subsystems of IQSchool are applied to the school:

  1. IQSchool wireless IoT Solution
  2. IQSchool Audio and Video Broadcast Solution
  3. Real-time high-definition live and transfer broadcasting system
  4. Wireless MIC system

IQSchool wireless IoT Solution

Remote control on classroom IQSchool Converged System, such as setting time of power on/off, booting/shutting down and monitoring for all devices. Central management improves efficiency and extends devices lifespan. Power control on devices will avoid any visual impairment of students as they may surf the Internet and reduce workload for workers as they don’t need to operate on devices on the scene.

IP digital broadcasting system

This system enables timed video/audio broadcasting according to play schedule. No man on duty all day is not a dream anymore. Teachers can directly use the system when authorized.

Real-time high-definition live and transfer broadcasting system

With the current TCP/IP network as a basis, this system can transmit audio and video in a real-time manner. Audio from school radio station, recorded videos, and live videos can be broadcasted in every classroom.

 Wireless MIC system

One wireless MIC for one teacher. Automatic frequency between wireless MIC and IQSchool Converged system is convenient and handy for teachers to use and provides a more healthy style to use MIC.

Case Study – Shahe Primary School

Shahe Primary School Nanshan Shenzhen is established in 1961 and located in Nanshan district, Shenzhen city, which now has developed into a school that contains 34 classrooms and 1,554 students. With its dedication and vision on education, it has achieved great success, winning the support of local leaders, students and parents.

Combined with existent campus classroom equipment, IQSchool wages an information reform and helps create a high-level information school. Each classroom is installed IQSchool Converged system and through this, information publishes the system of school is integrated to the IQSchool. IP digital broadcasting system and real-time high-definition live and transfer broadcasting system are applied to the school.

School Configuration List for Reference

Installation siteDevice nameModelAmountRemarks
Server roomIQ Manager Adv/1Login in the system to manage audio/video tasks.
IQSchool Converged ServerBS1001
Multi-media classroomIQSchool Converged SystemV230NOne system for one classroom

Through IP digital broadcasting system, students of different grades can listen to the different audio test at the same time. And students can watch real life or transfer broadcasting. Especially during parents’ meeting, all parents can watch the principal delivering speech by live broadcasting and promotion videos, a new experience to all students and parents.

Case Study – Zhiyuan School, Hunan Province

Zhiyuan school is located at Xiangyin county, Hunan province, the biggest ever non-governmental school in Hunan province. With all school area of 334 Mu and building area reaching 139 thousand square meters, it contains 150 classrooms and 6,000-8,000 students. It is a boarding school, an integration of kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school.

With coverage of total 120 classrooms, IQSchool has won the support of teachers and students. A number of subsystems are applied successfully to the school, including

IP digital broadcasting system,

real live broadcasting system,

wireless MIC system and intelligent air-condition

The school now can create a better learning atmosphere for students. School radio station is integrated to IQSchool, making students at any corner of school available for all audio information. All videos are broadcasted lively to students and classroom equipment, such as air conditioners are controlled and connected as one. All of these make Zhiyuan School a high-level tech and intelligent school.

Case Study – Guangxi University

Guangxi University is located in Nanning city, capital of Guangxi province, where is famous for its beautiful scenery. With the longest history and largest scale, Guangxi University is the strongest one in the Guangxi province. The university is also co-built by Ministry of Education and Guangxi province and is listed as one of 211 key development universities.

IQSchool solution has won school leaders’ trust by its quality products and reputation. 175 sets of IQSchool Converged System have been applied successfully in all classrooms of newly-built buildings. Until now, there are total 400 classrooms covered and equipped with IQSchool Converged System. This system controls and connects school video devices, the radio network, air-condition and digital clock as one, delivering audio and video information and managing devices more intelligently.

Shenzhen University Configuration List for reference

Device nameModelAmountRemarks
IQSchool Converged ServerBS1001Multiple business platform
IQ Manager Adv/1
IQSchool Converged SystemV230NDevice control and high-definition audio and video broadcasting
IQSound+MC06ANHi-Fi amplification
High-definition video decoder/2Live posts and coding of high-definition video
IQSchool Power&A/C Control TerminalKC601NControl shielding instruments