IQ Russian Partner Auvix Held a Conference for Teachers in Yakutsk

The specialists from IQ Russian Partner Auvix introduced the advanced technologies in the education field and modern solutions for the organization of the educational process to the educational community of the Republic of Sakha. During the practical part of this conference held in Yakutsk, a training workshop was held on working with IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard and IQView E3511 Document Camera.

The participants of this virtual classroom are working with IQView E3511 Document Camera. It has a built-in system that can directly connect to a monitor, projector and IQBoard interactive whiteboard. In a word, IQView E3511 document camera with the built-in system does not require any PC connected.

More than 80 teachers attended this conference. At the end of the class, participants took a test and received certificates. 20 participants with the best test results took part in the final quiz from Auvix. The winners of the quiz were: Natalia Burnasheva who won the IQBoard DVT Interactive Whiteboard 82inch, Yadreeva Sakha Nikolaevna became the owner of the IQ Document Camera and the teacher Sirditov Alexander Ivanovich won a tablet with E-book.

“At the moment, we introduced the modern technologies into the educational process and it has become a strong power for the development of the education sector and the demand for interactive equipment is still high and is keeping growing,” said Alla Vladimirova, head of the Educational Solutions Department. “Nevertheless, the issue will not be solved only by purchasing equipment but requiring teachers to work with it. Therefore, we held this conference to help teachers better work with those interactive devices.”

“This kind of conference let teachers better understand modern educational solutions that are used in progressive educational institutions,” said Oleg Solovyov, sales manager of Auvix. “It is important for us that technological training of the teachers can let them be familiar with the interactive equipment, so we are always ready to support such activities in the future.”


IQ never ceases its steps—a brand new showroom unveiled

With the aim to be higher, IQ has long kept making breakthroughs despite the challenges. And as it’s said, IQ’s always been moving forward and will miss no chance to apply technology into education. So far, IQ has achieved a lot and it’s time to show to the public. Therefore, it’s one of the goals in 2017 to establish a platform, more exactly, a showroom for our products displayed and open to the world. And now we’re so proud to announce that IQ has finally completed setting up the showroom. In addition to many built showrooms scattered around the world, now you have one more choice—listing IQ headquarter showroom as one of your tour destinations.

Come and take a closer look at it!


Right-hand side comes to a beautiful green wall when you step into the showroom, and then come closer to the wall, you will find out that the right-hand side comes a beautiful green wall when you step into the showroom, and then come closer to the wall, you will find out that the attendance machine is installed secretly. So, when students attend the class, they need to swipe their cards to sign in and the machine will record all and send out the attendance data to the digital signage. The signage in other side of the room will update in time the attendance data and display the class timetable and teachers who will give lessons according to it.



Going ahead into the right hand side showroom, where all the devices could be connected and controlled as one by the touch control panel. The panel is just installed in the entrance side wall, and it is to open/close any devices in the room and control their running status, including the AC, IQTouch, IQBoard, IQProjector and the illumination system. Once set up in advance, these devices could be power on when we start to work and off when we work off automatically and intelligently.



Beside the touch control panel are two IQTouch devices, and on the screen shows presentation about the IQ Digital Evaluation system that puts emphasis on students’ performance. The system could build the student evaluation model intelligently with the multiple data and create the multi dimensional report, which will be valuable resource for teachers and administrators to evaluate students’ performance and make improvement on current teaching mode. Moreover, the system is available for customization to cater to specific demands of schools.




Then turning to another two IQTouch devices with front disassembly design, and on their screen presents the IQ Intelligent Campus Management Solution, which arranges and creates class timetable intelligently, helping students select lessons and make decisions accordingly. Moreover, combined with the signage, the class timetable and students’ story will be posted in real time, serving as a schedule reminder for everyone.




Now let me introduce a new friend to you. If not boot up, it seems like a normal blackboard of smooth writing. But it’s more than a blackboard, it actually adopts intelligent technology to combine the flat touch panel with the blackboard, available for touching and writing with finger or chalk. And there is the IQ Intelligent Education Management Solution installed, which covers all teaching process before-in-after class. Teachers could prepare for the class in advance with rich teaching tools and resources, conduct mobile teaching with mobile devices during giving lessons and record the teaching video for students to review after class.




And surely we won’t miss IQ classic products except for the three solutions mentioned above. There are the latest AiO(All in One) and interactive whiteboard of glass panel combined with the newly-released Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector(IQProjector).





While coming out of the solution showroom, what comes into the view at first is the 7-meter-long projection wall. Wondering the real name of it, do you also feel amazed at it’s appearance and projection effects? In practice, this is the 7-meter-long PCT(Projected Capacitive Touch) together with three IQProjectors. The PCT is 3mm deep, 180 degrees visible and 14m wide to the largest extent with 16:6 aspect ratio. With rollable magnetic panel installed, the PCT could directly be absorbed and it’s convenient for maintenance. Moreover, it features smooth writing experience, fast response and high sensitivity, it could be a perfect display to be installed in the gallery and museum. And beside the PCT is the 98″ super large IQTouch. With these two large-size displays shown together, would you be not attracted at the first sight of them?




Leaving the showroom and enter inside the corridor, at right side exists the intelligent classroom A. Then keep moving, you’ll find out a special Lab Classroom B. These two places together constitute the IQSchool Simultaneous Broadcast Solution and IQ Intelligent Classroom Management Solution.

More specifically, intelligent classroom A is equipped with 150″ infrared interactive whiteboard with IQ Interactive Education Platform software, IQProjector Ultra-wide and IQPad. While the Lab Classroom B is installed with two 75″ IQTouch devices, an important component of IQSchool Solution. Having both classroom installed with the IQVideo cameras, the classroom simultaneous broadcast could be achieved only by the IQ Converged System and network, so the students sitting at Classroom A and Classroom B could watch the real live broadcast and teachers could make mobile and interactive teaching.







After the detailed introduction, you should have left strong impression on our whole new showroom. But to see is to believe, so why not take a chance to visit it by yourself. We do warmly welcome you to contact us and pay a visit to our company with sincerity.