Explore the Future Education with IQBoard at GESS 2018

What is the next step in future education? IQBoard is bringing our IQSchool Education Solution to GESS 2018 booth #A30 at the Sheikh Saeed Halls, Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. Showing our Latest Interactive Display, Document Camera, and School Management Solution, we are ready to change your view of the daily teaching at the largest education activities in the Middle East. Join us and experience the latest advances in classroom technologies, as we continue to change education and provide teachers new tools to help students express their creativity and delight in their collaborative learning.

The IQTouch Interactive Display is at the core of our Education Total Solution. As a next-generation classroom display, the Interactive Display allows teachers to easily connect with students, present digital learning material, support to interact with mobile devices, tablets or pc to make multi-screen presentation. When used with IQ Interactive Education Platform software, teachers have the ability to instantly share learning material from the touch screen to students’ in-class tablets, making for a more attractive learning experience that brings images on the interactive display to life in the students’ hands.


IQView document camera let students see every single detail of a classroom activity with 1080p display capabilities and 100X zoom. Our document camera models are designed to meet the needs of varying student activities and are proven to make any classroom activity a clear and exciting experience for students. Further complementing our future classroom technology, IQSchool IoT Solution can control all the classroom devices with one small panel, also two classrooms could be synchronized for interactive learning, that’s to say, students at different classrooms could interact and communicate with each other. Then as to the main display area, usually this area indicates the places beyond the classrooms in the campus. There we will make the audio&video broadcasting and devices management and control.

GESS2018 IQBoard

IQ continues to push teaching and education into new frontiers and we want you to come experience this exciting journey with us. IQ Team will be redefining the classroom at GESS 2018 Stand # A30!

Spring Festival Announcement

Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals in Chinese-speaking regions in a year.

IQ wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! During the Spring Festival, we will be on vacation for two weeks, from February 12 to February 25.

The reply will be delayed during the holidays, thank you for your understanding.

IQ Festive Annual Celebration at Feb. 2nd 2018

A successful closing of IQ Annual Celebration marked by a highly spirited picture.

As a Chinese old saying goes, people working with the same goal will remove Mount Tai.

IQ team with strong power is ready for the coming challenges.

IQBoard Group photos

It’s a jubilant night.

Let’s have a review of what happened during the celebration.


Part one:

Let’s dance

Get started with three group dances.

group dance1

group dance 2

Part two:

Prospect of 2018 and further

Following the end of dances, IQ General Manager Joy Hong delivered the speech about IQ Development Strategy of 2018 – Focus, transform and fight for honor.

Then Chairman of the board Jack Ding expressed his blessings and wishes over the coming year.

Chairman speech

Part three:

Outstanding worker award 2018

Among the six outstanding workers, John and April were rewarded for their excellent work and achievement.

Could you find both of them from the picture below?


Part four:

Walk and win with Ding Talk

Jelly Yeung, the general manager, introduced and explained the new plan – walk and win with Ding Talk.

From the activity data revealed by Ding Talk, the man with the largest number of steps will be the winner, so does the department.

So over the last month, the overseas development department was the top of the list and won the prize. Guess what’s the prize?

dingding walk

Part five: Games

As the most expectant and interesting section, we just couldn’t miss the chance to participate in the games. Everyone was eager and hoped to win the prize.

Let the pictures speak for itself.

Crazy for money

Part six: Leaders’ show

Well, it’s actually the cosplay show. And the show was performed by our leaders.

We could say no one will want to miss the show, well, exactly, the leaders’ cosplay show.

leader's show

And finally came the last part. It’s dinner time!!

Let’s propose a toast and cheer for better tomorrow.

Embrace IQ’s tomorrow of high efficiency, high yield and happiness.


Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand, has been dedicated into educational industry since 2006.
So far IQ products have received wide acknowledgement from both domestic and international market. Internally our products are used by teachers and students of over 60,000 schools in 23 provinces and municipalities of China. Globally we have been selling to more than 100 countries and regions with exclusive distributors in Europe, Africa and West Asia. IQ has provided smart teaching solutions for over 1,000,000 classrooms across the world.