Why you need an interactive display in your classroom/office?

The interactive display has been widely used in various fields. While implementing a touch screen may involve other costs than other input methods, it can provide some significant advantages. If your classroom or office is still using traditional presentation methods, it’s time to consider the possibility of switching to interactive presentations.

Easy to use

One of the major advantages of interactive displays over other input methods is ease of use. Although most users are familiar with common combinations, like keyboards and mice, writing or touching icons directly on the screen can reduce staff training time. It can also enable users to operate and use the device autonomously. interactive displays can also be useful for employees to handle multiple tasks because their interface requires less concentration than mice and keyboards.



Interactive displays also increase the speed of work. When the user picks up the computer mouse or touches the trackball, there will always be an uncertain moment because he must find the pointer, adjust his movement to match the mouse acceleration and so on. The touchscreen allows the user to directly select the icon and directly translate the manual writing into text input. A study shows that compared with the traditional input method, the touch screen system user’s response time is reduced by 20%.

group video

Device sizes

With the development of technology, the size of the interactive display device is expanding. Some of the interactive flat panels can reach 96 inches, like IQTouch series. Meanwhile, interactive whiteboards can reach 150 inches, to meet the needs of various different scenes of the demonstration.


Assistive function

There are many hardware and software that work with touch screens to expand functionality. For example, Visualizers can put the contents of paper materials on the display screen, and make comments and demonstrations through it. This means that you can use the interactive presentation technology on more occasions.

Why IQTouch C is the Interactive Flat Panel You Need for Teaching

It’s time to introduce IQTouch C interactive flat panel. We promised to tell you about the perfect interactive flat panel that you and your classroom need, and we’re going to deliver.

IQTouch C delivers all the functions you need if you want to create a great educational environment.

Here’s why:

1.4K UHD resolution

With so many potential distractions, it’s important that your classroom technology provides clear and bright images to complement your lessons. You also hope that any text displayed will be easy to read, so that even students in the back of the room don’t have to squint to read the lessons.

The IQTouch C will deliver a very clear image quality that will keep your students’ eyes focused on your screen and your teaching.


Creating together is super easy and really fun when different students can touch, type on the screen and tap to select at the same time.

An ultra-smooth finish allows teachers to use the board for hours without finger burn.

The screen allows up to 10 points of touch. It’s the perfect solution to hosting group activities and classroom games to motivate your students to communicate and collaborate with one another.


3.Its software inspires learning

Encouraging collaboration of students is one of the two most important factors when you are committed to building collaborative, interactive, and engaging environments. The more your classroom technology can help you, the easier it will be.

Freely bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, as a platform for demonstration and teaching, achieving powerful functions, such as annotation, handwriting recognition, screen record, interactive response, interactive exam, and video conference. With IQ Interactive Education Platform, it becomes so easy to create a vivid and wonderful class and demonstration.


4.Wireless Sharing

Cast mobile devices on the IQTouch C screen wirelessly or use mobile devices to control the screen smarter.

With this function, you can stream any audio or video file to your screen.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Email: IQBoard@IQBoard.net


Invitation of MIEF 2018 Moscow

The Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF) is Russia’s largest education event: an open forum and the country’s biggest exhibition of new educational technology, infrastructure, and creative solutions. The fair is a platform for dialogue between the educational and expert communities, state institutions and businesses on current and future issues concerning the educational system and a platform for attracting Russian and foreign businesses to participate in the Russian educational process, including through public-private partnerships.

The fair’s programme, “The New Ecosystem of Education”, emphasizes the development of communication between all of the participants of the educational process in Russia and abroad. The fair’s programme has been created with due consideration for the interests of all of the communities and groups involved in the educational process today: from university rectors and preschool psychologists to heads of educational startups, children, and parents.

This year IQ will bring the latest products and solutions for MIEF 2018.

IQTouch C Interactive Display for Corporate

UST Laser Projector

All in One Whiteboard System

IQ E3511 Document Camera

IQSchool Solution:

For more information, welcome to visit our booth: AF-21.2, 18-21 April  2018


IQ Women’s Day

Happy times always go fast. Yesterday, all the female employees of IQ had a romantic and happy Women’s Day together.

women's day

Everyone sat around and enjoyed the desserts, drinks while making their own holiday gifts. After that, we held a small contest and voted for the most popular handmade works. The authors of the two outstanding works received exquisite gifts.

In our company, the ratio of female employees to male employees is probably 4:3. We believe that women’s status at work is irreplaceable. They even do better in some working areas. Wish our ladies happy every day!

New Discoveries, Bright Ideas – IQ at GESS 2018 Dubai

Team photo

IQ is an old friend of GESS for so many years. As we all know, GESS 2018 Dubai is one of the most important educational exhibitions in the world, especially in the Middle East. IQ keeps developing partnerships in GESS for the Middle East market.

photo with customer

This year IQ brings the newest solutions for GESS 2018. IQSchool solution includes converged station, power control box, and 2.4G wireless mic; IQClass Solution includes IQTouch J and IQTouch C, IQView E3511 document camera, etc.

IQ believes IQSchool Solution, as a solution for campus equipment management and audiovisual broadcast management, can help to make campus more intelligent. It efficiently manages campus equipment, saves administrative expenses and relieves the workload of campus administrators. 4K video could be broadcasted to any displays in anywhere at any time as scheduled. Therefore, IQSchool solution will be an essential helper for campus management.

products presentation

In addition to the education products, IQ also brings the latest IQTouch C for business, a professional interactive touch display. Android system is built in, and OPS is one more option. With built-in whiteboard annotation APP and multi-screen interaction APP, it is easy for mobile devices to share and deliver information to IQTouch C. You can also control the IQTouch C by your smartphone. It is a new attempt of IQ, which is believed can become another excellent product for clients.


If you are interested in our solutions, please visit our GESS 2018 booth A30 and discuss with us or send us an email: iqboard@iqboard.net.