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BETT journey for IQ — Start with a new inspiration and innovation

The BETT,as one of the world’s most influential educational exhibitions was opening in London on Jan 23. IQ appeared in red and black on this stage to present our brand image–diverse and unique. IQ products on BETT: IQAIO 150”, a smart and all-in-one interactive whiteboard integrated with built-in PC, speakers, visualizer and central control panel […]

IQ supported The Fujian university knowledge competition

On the afternoon of November 27, after the final competition of undergraduates group and junior college students group, the final competition of the postgraduates group and awards ceremony were held in NO.2 broadcasting hall of Fujian southeast TV station. Several provincial leaders, including Zhou Lianqing, the member of Standing Committee of Provincial Committee, were present […]

Orienteering–complex physical and intellectual activity of IQ members

The weather’s gradually cold. It’s the best time for orienteering again. This year, the sponsor kept the secret of destination –Fu Qing NanYu village until the very last day. Early in the morning, IQ members were heading for the destination with great interests in a light rain. Taking the bus to the destination, nearly 1,000 […]

IQAiO dual-screen interaction solution – 150’’ ultra-wide space flexible for projection / marker writing

Welcome to use IQAIO, with interactive teaching platform, we can share dual-screen interactive solution which supports five mode projections. More flexible experience will be obtained through this solution. You only need one projector- ultra-short laser projector IQProjector V2. 1.Dual screen sync: dual-screen display in sync, which can solve the problem that students sitting in the […]

Lighting up with wisdom, IQ & ELMO joined in DidacIndia 2018

India, as a populous country in the world, they regard education as a huge cause that cannot be ignored. Every year, the Indian government pays great attention to the development of education. DIDAC INDIA is the only and most influential trade event in the region of Educational Material, Training and Technology-based solutions for all levels […]

Wanna buy an interactive digital display?Ask these 10 questions first

The next generation of the interactive digital display, such as IQTouch, are more popular in the corporate and educational environments than ever before. They offer a range of amazing features that can be seamlessly integrated into existing technology platforms and are more cost-effective than ever. The best system allows users to do what they need, […]

Ten Things to Consider When Choosing the Interactive Panel for Your Classroom PART 2

Last time we gave you 5 tips to think about how you are going to choose the right interactive panel for your classroom, now here’s the other half of our thoughts:   Internet access – Wired or wireless? As we’ve mentioned before, teachers are given two options of operating system when using nowadays interactive screens: […]