Exchange of wisdom– IQ firstly joins hands with Worlddidac Russia

In early November, it was the autumn time in Moscow. Though it’s freezing outside, inside the exhibition hall is hot as the warm discussion and free exchanges of views on the education industry are going ahead with a full stream. This is exactly the first time that the Worlddidac Russia 2017 held in Moscow, which could also be regarded as a special exhibition held by IQ in Russia. On the first day, visitors showed great enthusiasm to visit the IQ booth and in a short time, they filled the booth. Not only that, the Russian Delegation for Education Equipment Association of China also visited us and appreciated greatly on IQ products.

During the exhibition, IQ introduced the most important products and solutions. In addition to the well-known IQBoard interactive whiteboards, there was IQTouch, IQAiO, IQProjector, IQVideo and IQSchool solution-related equipment. With all of them connected by the Internet of Things and controlled by the IQSchool converged station, this solution could make control on the whole or on the individual device of different classrooms and make audio and video broadcast.

With its powerful solution and impressive technical concepts, IQ received a lot of praise. We believe that with this exhibition, our exchanges with Russia’s education industry will be deepened and we’ll make more progress and achievements.

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