Incomplete User Guide of IQ Website V2.0 Part 2

By reading Guide Part I, I believe you already have a basic understanding of the IQ new website. Guide PART II is about the Software, Support and About Us sections, read this and you’ll gain a complete understanding of the website. let’s start!


1.The great drive for collaborative classrooms- software products

At present IQClass 6.0 and IQClass Plus are highlight software products of IQ.

For IQClass Plus, the software page will begin with a tutorial video, by which users could have a very intuitive understanding of software functions and operations.

Then there follows the feature’s introduction of software.

If you are interested in IQClass Plus, you could apply for a 30-day trial account or click on the IQClass Plus website at the banner to have a try.

Similarly, relevant product materials are available for download on the software page.

2.After-sales service and support

If you have already purchased the IQ products, the pages as below will help.

There are FAQ, download center and feedback center on the support page.

The FAQ could help solve products problems.


To get more direct support from us, you could submit feedbacks and leave messages in the feedback center or the contact center so our technical support will contact you in time and provide the solution as soon as possible.

Also, you could find the complete product information in the download center, including drivers, brochures, specifications, and software.

The drivers are classified according to the supported operating system.



In WE section there are mainly about the IQ profile, contact information, case studies, IQ news, and discounts.

“About us” page has shown the company development history. You could also check out the product certification and view the tutorial video.


The V2.0 website is still under test, so if there is any question or suggestion about it, pls send us an e-mail to or directly leave messages on the website.
Your suggestion will help us a lot to make a progress.
If you want to learn more about the solution and hardware pages, please check the INCOMPLETE USER GUIDE PART 1.

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