How IQ Solutions help school administrators to manage the whole school

Connected Education Experiences

Our new interactive displays and suite of learning software work seamlessly together to create one connected classroom experience.

interactive display,interactive flat panel,interactive touchscreen,IQTouch

IQ Interactive Display

Silm design with complete features, multi-touch function, and related education software enriches the teaching and learning experience.

IQ Interactive whiteboard

High-performance whiteboard with digital vision touch technology.Designed for teaching and learning.

IQ Document camera

As a visual presenter with build in software,this interactive teaching tool can be freely used for presentations.

IQ Laser Projector

Most technologically advanced projector with pure laser light source.


IQClass Plus Software is a web-based education software compatible with all mainstream browsers. Users can save files in the cloud, share files through QR code and operate the same file simultaneously through multi-screen interaction. No installation and silent upgrade.

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interactive display,interactive flat panel,interactive touchscreen,IQTouch

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