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IQBoard IRQK Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Infrared Interactive Whiteboard, which offers the low cost, stable performance and durable usage compared with ET and PS boards. What’s more, IQBoard IR allows pen or any opaque to draw or write, no special pen required. With up to 16 multi-points touch interactivity, multi users can write together or independently on the interactive surface.

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Let’s See IQBoard IRQK Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Multi-touch, more free interaction. Up to 16 users can write simultaneously on the whiteboard without boundaries.

No need for special pen. It is convenient to write and operate with your finger and any object at lower cost.

Gesture Recognition: one finger to write; two fingers to select and palm to erase.

Smart design, easier maintenance: components can be directly assemble from board front for easier maintenance. Built-in small but smart and durable infrared senders and receivers guarantee the stability in use and low-cost in maintenance.

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