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To create a more collaborative meeting and inspiring classroom environment, IQ product mainly focuses on facilitating education and business with the supply of the professional hardware and software, which integrates advanced interactive technology to stimulate the interactivity and collaboration in class and meetings.

IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard or IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel has built in IQKitsMemos interactive whiteboard software with abundant teaching tools and resources, which brings you a more interactive and engaging class. By connecting IQView Document Camera, clearly presenting real objects on IQTouch large screen. Using IQClick to handle timely feedback from students enhances class interactivity to a great level. As the trend of the online learning, IQVideo Lecture Capture System merged online and offline offers hybrid learning solutions that students can learn from home.

IQ also puts a lot of effort into the field of smart meeting. Take advantage of IQShare Wireless Presentation System to collaborate with team ideas. With the combination of IQMeet cameras and omnidirectional microphones to start a hassle-free video conferencing instantly. Different meeting solutions would be served according to personalized requirements. More products including IQPodium, IQSmartpen, and IQSound empower you to maximize the impact of a presentation in the teaching and meeting.

IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel

An IQTouch interactive display is an all-in-one device that combines interactivity and collaboration functions including annotation capabilities, multi-touch technology, wireless screen sharing, video conferencing, AI whiteboard, etc. The touch screen allows you to access rich resources and powerful operation performance, which maximizes the efficiency and creativity for the teaching or meeting.

The Unbeatable Technology
on IQTouch IFP

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is the process of bonding the LCD panel to the glass surface with a highly transparent liquid adhesive without an air gap. The space between the display and the front screen is filled with the optical clear adhesive, which significantly improves the image display and writing experience.

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IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard

IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard support pen with no requirement or any opaque to draw or write. It features multi-point touch interactivity that allows multiple users to work on the whiteboard at the same time or by one person at a time. And the whiteboard adopts Infrared Touch or Digital Vision Touch technology for your options, offering you the smart board with low cost, stable performance and durable usage.

IQMeet Audio/Video Conferencing

IQMeet Audio/Video Conferencing Solution offers a variety of video conferencing products that help you get the best out of the meetings. All solutions are flexible,scalable, and customizable for any type and size of the meeting rooms. Each room can be easily deployed with the products before use, allowing you to instantly start a video conference and work together with others remotely for a high-quality audiovisual experience.

IQShare Wireless Presentation System

Wireless presentation system, functioning BYOD and BYOM for conference, includes share box built-in android system and click-to-share button (HDMI, USB and Type-C port) for wireless screen sharing. Just one button click to cast your laptop screen to large screen. Bring your own device and present instant ideas right away.

IQPodium Interactive Pen Display

IQPodium interactive pen display helps teachers, trainers and business professionals communicate more effectively. While projecting to a large display, presenters can add notes or illustrations on the touch screen while keeping eye contact with audience. It is more collaborative by facing the audience. So that the presenters can capture ideas, questions and feedback in time at the presentation.

IQVideo Lecture Capture System

Consisted of a video station, two 4K ePTZ auto-tracking cameras, and a ceiling mic, the lecture capture system builds a recording room for schools to realize one-touch lecture record, live streaming to YouTube for hybrid learning and multiple input sources display by split-screen to present different contents.

IQView Document Camera

Interactive USB Document Camera, also called mobile visualizer, empowers making a visual demonstration to improve the teaching effect. The flexible and smart design makes it easy to capture every detail of the object. Its 4K display resolution helps you deliver a ultra-clear presentation in your class.

IQClick Classroom Response System

IQClick classroom response system creates connections between students and teachers. Pull back and reset student attention in seconds. Teachers can make instant quiz questions to keep students engaged and track progress through instant feedback to know what your students understand, and what needs additional explanation.

Smart Accessories

Support the additional accessories to enhance the usability and functionality of our solutions.

IQ Software for Education and Business

IQ has launched the self-developed software IQKitsMemos and JoinMemos for education and business. Both of them are the powerful and new generation software to enhance the presentation. For the teaching, it seamlessly connects with all kinds of interactive displays, which makes it easy to create a vivid and wonderful class. For the meeting, combining traditional meeting and technology, it enhances the green office of a paperless environment from every detail of the user experience.

The Smart Education & Business Solution

IQ adopts interactive technology and seamlessly integrates into the eduaction & business solution. Create a dynamic learning and meeting environment to users with installation flexibility, powerful efficiency and low maintenance cost.


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