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IQ OS V2.0

Intuitive OS for IQTouch TE1100 Series

Let It Move

Embrace the exclusive and innovative design of three-functional homepage on Android IQ OS (Operation System). Slide the homepage left and right to quickly access the functions in a hassle-free way. With slide left to show all applications, and slide right to reach the recent screenshots and applications in a large image for preview, you can easily find what you need.

Interaction at Your Touch

    Brand-new UI design with unified toolbar icon style, on IQ OS interface.

  • Floating Toolbar always appears on the screen over any input source. Use five-fingers to locate and make it follow you.
  • Handy Sidebars on the left and right side of the screen, which contains multiple helpful buttons for quick functions access.
  • Fixed Toolbar can be customized to place your most frequently-used applications on the homepage.

Creativity, On the Whiteboard

Integrating two powerful whiteboards to IQ OS for your option, which provides more intelligent functions like smooth writing experience with ultra infrared fine touch tech, handwriting recognition, shape recognition, split screen writing and smart table to improve your presentation in every way. You even can export the whiteboard records and share it by scanning QR code.

Dual Screen Multitasking

Simultaneously operate dual tasks on dynamic windows, with the whiteboard software as a fixed application. Enable annotations on the whiteboard while demonstrating various functions. Eliminate the need for repetitive application switching and greatly maximize the presentation efficiency.

Scan to Vote

Scan QR code to do the voting instantly, save time from the preparation process of paper ballots. Whether a team need to collect ideas in the meeting or students submit test answers in class, it can be easy to give a vote and generate results efficiently.

Leave Annotation over Any Source

  • Make continuous annotation while freely switching among different input sources.
  • Save the multi-source annotation pages under Android and scan QR code to review and download.

Effortless Integration with IQ SmartPen

Use IQ SmartPen with IQ OS V2.0 for streamlined operation. One click to activate the whiteboard, page up/down your PowerPoint, switch annotation colors, turn the screen to ECO mode… It’s all in your hand.

Learn more about IQ SmartPen

Remote IFP Device Control

  • Empower you with complete IFPD control on a unified platform.
  • Easily schedule and automate tasks for seamless control.
  • Streamline application management with centralized installation.
  • Leverage robust insights and analytics for device usage.

Privacy and Security

IQ OS provides USB lock for accessing USB storage device, screen lock for entering the system, application lock to open selected app and touch lock to enable touch function. Various lock options guarantee authorized use and prevent misoperation or information leakage.

IQ OS V2.0 Specially Designed for

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