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JoinMemos V1.1

Meeting Room Display Software


Sparks Team Creativity


Rich Tools for
Meeting Collaboration

Rich assistant tools such as pen types, screenshots, screen recording, handwriting recognition, speech to text, group scorers, etc., are available for various needs in a collaborative meeting.

for Ideas Flow Freely

Provide multiple brainstorming templates with one-click generation for your choice, empowers an collaborative brainstorming meeting for ideas flowing freely.

Ideas Collection
with Sticky Notes

Use sticky notes to take a notice or mark your thoughts in different colors on the whiteboard as a center of ideas collection in team brainstorming. Make inspiration happen on every page of JoinMemos.

Happens Anywhere

Annotate on any content on the screen, including office files, webpages, pictures, videos, and applications. Allow the annotations tracking with no interference in different objects.

Take Your
Meeting Away

All the meeting content on the whiteboard can be recorded. Export the meeting recap and scan the QR code to take away. No more paper handouts, meeting notes or personnel records needed.

Separation Mode

Advanced object recognition algorithm enables hand and pen free from switching tools.

· Pen tip recognition for writing and drawing.
· Hand gesture recognition with one finger to roam,
· two fingers to rotate, zoom in/out, and full palm to erase.

Search on
Built-in Browser

With built-in browser, allowing users to search for various information, find the images and watch the videos directly on web. Extend the accessible resources for topic discussion.

Flexible Windows for
Camera Demonstration

· Capture objects, design drawings or documents, and present the image with HD resolution.

· Support up to 4 display windows of camera. Each camera image can be controlled with the functions of screen freeze, rotation, flipping, and annotation.

Cloud Platform

Easily access OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive cloud platform. With the personal cloud, you can directly drag the Office files(Word, Excel, PPT, PDF), pictures, or audio and videos to JoinMemos whiteboard, and save the meeting recap into it. Let’s say goodbye to repeated copy by USB flash drive.

Voting Analysis

Too many people in the meeting to count votes? Come and scan QR code for anonymous voting in JoinMemos. Effortlessly generate the voting results and one-click to present a visual chart for analysis.

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