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Collaboration begins from IQTouch

China's leading IFPD & interactive display solutions supplier

  • Ultimate solution for standard classrooms, higher education institutions, and teaching space.
  • Whether you're a teacher, professor, or IT admin, IQTouch series boosts your learning experience.
  • Ensures seamless connectivity, safety, and extreme visual performance, perfect for every learning environment.

Diverse Applications that can Use IQTouch Series

iqtouch interactive display for smart classroom

Smart classroom

Upgrade classroom for immersive and engaging lessons.

iqtouch interactive display for hybrid learning classroom

Hybrid learning

Allow online and remote students to participate without location limitation.

iqtouch interactive display for group learning classroom

Group learning

Facilitate collaborative projects and discussions.

iqtouch interactive display for language center

Language center

Incorporate for interactive language practice.

iqtouch interactive display for research laboratory

Research laboratory

Utilize for data visualization and analysis.

iqtouch interactive display for special education space

Special education space

Applicable for any interactive learning experiences and games.

IQTouch Interactive Display

An interactive display is an embedded device that people canuse digital touchscreen interactions to make vibrant visual presentations and to enable listeners to have good discussion and interaction.

It is an all-in-one device that combines collaboration andmeeting management functions. Users can connect interactive flat displays by their own devices or they can use the multi-touch function on interactive touch screen.

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Which IQTouch is Right for You?

iqtouch te1200 interactive display for education iqtouch ha1100pro interactive flat panel for business iqtouch tb1300 pro interactive display
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IQTouch TE1200 Pro IQTouch HA1100 Pro IQTouch TB1300 Pro
Android 12.0 OS Android 11.0 OS Android 13.0 OS
Zero+ Bonding Optical Bonding Zero+ Bonding
4K AI camera Dual 4K Camera(Buit-in 4K 48MP Video Conference Camera | 4K 13MP Document Camera 4K AI camera
15W*2 Speaker + 20W Subwoofer 20W*2 Speaker + 15W Subwoofer 20W*2 Speaker + 20W Subwoofer
Remote Device Management Remote Device Management Remote Device Management
Customizable Q button Multiple front buttons Customizable Q button
NFC Access Control - NFC Access Control
- Anti Blue Light -
Full function USB-C Full function USB-C Full function USB-C with 65W power
AG Glass AG + AF Glass AG Glass
HDMI OUT for extended screen HDMI OUT for extended screen HDMI OUT for extended screen
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IQTouch interactive display with 105-inch size

Expansive Viewing Experiences for Your Auditorium

IQTouch CR1300 Pro offers a widescreen viewing experience for spacious classrooms, allowing students to immerse themselves in visual content. Whether analyzing data, examining architectural drawings or artwork, or conducting online teaching sessions, the broad aspect ratio of CR1300 Pro significantly enhances the visual experience.

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IQTouch interactive display for collaboration and learning

Foster Collaboration and Enhance Learning Experience

IQTouch Display&Collaboration solution provides interactive flat panels that combines the latest technology with ease of use and durability. It offers a high-definition touch screen display for easy navigation through your favorite applications or websites.

Seamlessly connecting with all kinds of interactive displays such as interactive whiteboards, interactive flat panels, touch screen display, document camera etc.
They feature
  • 4K picture quality and newly upgraded 4K UI
  • Various tools are placed at your fingers, such as annotation, free handwriting, charts, mind map, screen record, page show, etc.
  • Abundant resource access to enrich presentations.
  • Handgesture & Handwriting recognition makes your presentation more efficient.
  • Scan a generated QR code to take away the meeting records for reviewing material.
  • All the programs and materials on the desktop mode could be part of your presentation.
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IQTouch interactive display for online teaching

Enhanced Online Teaching Experience

Teachers can initiate online teaching software to utilize IQTouch functionalities like built-in AI tracking camera, microphone, and speakers, allowing students online and offline to stay focused on the lesson, ensuring optimal participation and comprehension, and enhancing interactive and engaging online learning experiences.

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IQTouch interactive display for remote device management

Control and Convenience for All Campus IQTouch Series

Wherever IT technicians are, remote control and support for all IQTouch devices across the campus are achievable through a cloud-based platform. Whether scheduling alerts for notifications or powering off the entire IQTouch series to conserve energy, the system provides comprehensive management capabilities.

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Compatibility of IQTouch for Diverse Scenarios

IQTouch Display&Collaboration solution provides interactive flat panels that combines the latest technology with ease of use and durability. It offers a high-definition touch screen display for easy navigation through your favorite applications or websites without needing to use any keyboard or mouse. With its sleek design, this flat panel display provides an elegant look in any environment.

With the core technology and application development, IQTouch has launched a wide range of interactive touch screen solutions to meet the different needs of schools, enterprises, and government agencies. The touch screen display includes interactive flat panel, interactive whiteboard, and dual smart board for classroom. Touchscreens are electronic visual displays that have the ability to detect and respond to the touch of a user's finger, hand, or an input device such as a stylus. As a leading touch screen supplier, IQTouch will continue to develop new products with more simple operability and better user experience.

IQTouch interactive display for school


IQTouch interactive display for enterprise


IQTouch interactive display for government


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Emerging Trends in the IFPD Industry

Streamline your meetings with the IQTouch series, featuring versatile BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) two-way screen sharing for effective presentations and BYOM(Bring Your Own Meeting) for instant conference room device connectivity.

Enhance your IT operations with robust IQ RDM(Remote Device Management, also known as MDM, which is short for mobile device management) for centralized, cloud-accessible control across your organization.

IQTouch interactive display with BYOM


Bring Your Own Meeting

IQTouch interactive display for BYOD


Bring Your Own Device

IQTouch interactive display for RDM/MDM


Remote Device Management
/Mobile Device Management

Experience Excellence Support in Technical and Service

IQTouch interactive display for Easy to use right away

Easy to use right away

IQTouch interactive display for Compatible with mainstream software

Compatible with mainstream software

IQTouch interactive display for Continuous technological update

Continuous technological update

IQTouch interactive display with Free to use the built-in software

Free to use the built-in software

IQTouch interactive display Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

IQTouch interactive display for durable use

Durable for use

Case Study

Streamline your meetings with the IQTouch series, featuring versatile BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) two-way screen sharing for effective presentations and BYOM(Bring Your Own Meeting) for instant conference room device connectivity.

Enhance your IT operations with robust IQ RDM(Remote Device Management, also known as MDM, which is short for mobile device management) for centralized, cloud-accessible control across your organization.

IQTouch interactive display for global indian international school

Global Indian International School

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a renowned network of international schools with 23 campuses across 7 countries.

IQTouch interactive display for uttaradit rajabhat university of thailand

Uttaradit Rajabhat University of Thailand

Uttaradit Rajabhat University (URU) is a renowned university located in a bustling town in northern Bangkok, Thailand.

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IQTouch interactive display for scud group

Q-NEX Technology for SCUD Group

Founded in 1997, SCUD Group successfully went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at the end of 2006.

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Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) VS Interactive Whiteboard(IWB)

IQTouch interactive display vs IQBoard interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards that are powered by projector technology have formed the back-bone of classrooms across the world for many years, enabling teachers to deliver engaging lessons as well as encouraging interaction and collaboration from students. However, as technology has advanced in the past several years, interactive whiteboards are rapidly being replaced with interactive flat panel devices. These are large touch screens that offer better image quality, more interactivity and are a more cost-effective solution.

As a supplier of interactive displays solution, we offer both IQTouch interactive LED displays and IQBoard interactive whiteboard, which are designed to promote personalized learning and collaborative meeting. The differences between IFP and IWB are as follows.

Screen Display

An interactive flat panel presents 4K UHD resolution, which has far clearer screen display than most projector. Besides, 178°wide viewing angles IFP supported make it possible for more participants to see the screen.


The whiteboards need to be worked with projectors and calibrated before use. Meanwhile, IFPs provide plug and play connection which make it easy to get started.


Interactive flat panel optimizes the writing function with up to 20 points touch, and has more functions of gesture zooming and dragging than traditional whiteboard.

Built-in Software

IQTouch interactive flat panel has a number of built-in software integrations like AI whiteboard, EShare Pro for wireless screen sharing, IQKitsMemos interactive teaching software or JoinMemos collaborative meeting software which come pre-installed on all displays.

Collaboration at Your Fingertips


Which is the best Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)?

Whether you're in the market for an interactive flat panel display solutions (IFPD) or touch screen solution to use in your classroom or office, there's a lot to take into consideration before making a purchase. Here are some examples of different IFPD contexts and their respective considerations:

  • If you are using the touch screen board for collaboration, then a large screen size might be important, but if you are presenting with it then maybe a smaller screen size is better.

  • If you are using it for writing, then a touch response time might be of great importance to you, but if you are mostly going to present with it or have students collaborate on the whiteboard, then this might not be as relevant.

What is an Interactive Flat Panel?

An Interactive Flat Panel Display(IFPD) is a large-format touch screen display. It is ideal for collaborative meeting or interactive teaching environment with the integration of interactive whiteboarding, screen sharing, touch screen monitor and so on. Here at IQBoard, we call it “IQTouch”.
Nowadays, smart panels not only allow teachers and presenters to share information more clearly as touchscreen TV, but their screen touch function can also bring a fascinating experience for the audience. The traditional keyboard and stylus are still used by people to input options.
However, advanced interactive screen has multi-touch controls that can recognize up to 20 touch points simultaneously which brings more possibilities and convenience. So individuals can instantly share ideas easily on smart digital display panels. Through easy collaboration on IQTouch, seamless sharing of ideas makes everyone's creativity become a reality.

How Can IQTouch Interactive Displays Make Business Meetings Better?

IQTouch interactive flat panel depends on its dynamic possibilities of modern conference rooms to create a brainstorming environment that makes it easy to flow freely the ideas.

  • All-in-one display without the need for a projector, whiteboard, PC, or other software.

  • Eliminate cable clutter, enjoy a clean environment and organize meeting rooms with wireless mirroring options.

  • With the built-in camera and microphone, a video conference can be started easily for hybrid working.

  • The smart panel allows attendees to instantly share their personal screen and remote control from a single device, which makes teamwork to be extended and seamless, and inspires more innovative ideas.

How much is an interactive display?

Interactive smart board price is much concerned by customers, as a supplier of smart education, we can provide not only the high quality and also competitive price.

We are Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand, Returnstar Technology Group (, with 15 years experience in education market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard / touch screen / visualizer presenter/ wireless mic system etc.

Relying on IQClass IQMeet, and IQSchool solutions, our ultimate goal is not to just sell educational and business hardware or software, but to offer bespoke solutions for schools and conference rooms based on their specific demands and budget. Along this road, we would like to develop long term partnership with you, and grow up together. Contact us and get the price quote.

How to choose the best IFPD?

Returnstar specializes in interactive display solution, which offers convenient and innovative solutions with a range of interactive screens which supports multi-touch functions.

How to judge and select the good standard of interactive flat panel? There are some tips for your reference.

  • Distinguish the basic function and features. Make clear which type of interactive flat panel you need.

  • Is it a normal interactive flat panel with IR touch technology? Or touch screen with 4K image? The accurate and detailed searching word will save you time and target the satisfied goods effectively.

  • Check the detailed description about the goods to know about its certain functions, parameter and specific appearance. The description will show if the products is professional and helpful to estimate its cost performance.

How do I turn my screen into a whiteboard?

If you're using the interactive whiteboard or interactive flat panel, directly open the built-in whiteboard software.

If you want to use the whiteboard on your personal screen of PC, connect PC with interactive whiteboard or interactive flat panel by both HDMI cable and Touch USB cable. Then the whiteboard will be displayed on the screen of your laptop.

How can use my smart pen with IQTouch IFPD?

In terms of IQ Smartpen, it is smart assistant works with IQTouch IFPD for for better presentation in meeting or teaching. Adopting 4 functional keys that you not only can use it by default functions but also can customize the functions. The description of 4 functions as below.

  • Key 1, long press to enter the annotation mode. You can annotate anything on the current page. Click key one to change the pen color.

  • Key 2, long press to enter the PowerPoint slide mode. Click key 2 and 3 to up and down the pages.

  • Key 3, long press to open blackboard. When you got some ideas or teachers want to show some points, just open blackboard to write it.

  • Key 4, click to screenshot and it will saved into a file on desktop. Long press to open a laser for positioning the content you're talking about.

What is your return policy for IFPD?

If the product has failure in proper operation and maintenance complied with the user manual, we will repair or replace the damaged products /parts free of charge for the customer during the warranty period.

For cases caused by the improper use, maintenance and force majeure of the products/parts, we provide paid after-sales service, and repair or replace the parts at a preferential price.

How do I get a price quote?

Please contact us here or email to our sales team for price quote.



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