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Digital Podium

Revolutionize your classroom with Digital Podium

  • Seamlessly blend traditional teaching methods with cutting-edge technology.
  • Embrace dynamic, immersive learning experiences.
  • Experience seamless interaction, enhance presentations with advanced features.
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Unified control for classroom devices

Dual screen for annotation and control

Built-in computer system

Integrated audio system

Remote management capability

Abundant interfaces for connection

Diverse scenarios for Digital Podium

Smart classroom

Hybrid learning environment

Learning center

Seminar hall

Lecture hall


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Floor-standing or Desktop-mounted?

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Networked Digital Podium NDP100 Desktop Digital Podium NDP500
Device central control
Live streaming in campus LAN
Touch panel for annotation
Multiple interfaces
Size Dimenions (mm): 820(L) x 611(W) x 1,123(H) Dimenions (mm): 720(L) x360(W) x240(H)
Installation Floor-standing Can be put on teacher's table or existing lectern
Applicable scenarios Auditorium, seminal hall, classroom Classroom, learning center, laboratory
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Centralized Control System

Digital Podium serves as a central control unit, managing various classroom devices seamlessly, enabling:

  • One button classroom devices control
  • Unified control interface for multiple classroom devices
  • Remote control through APP/Web Console

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AV Matrix Switching

With AV matrix switch function, Digital Podium enables flexible content display, allowing instructors to easily switch between different sources such as laptops, document cameras, and more.

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AV Distribution and Live Streaming

Digital Podium facilitates AV distribution and live streaming capabilities, ensuring that educational content can be disseminated efficiently to remote learners or recorded for later access.

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Dual Touch Panel

Featuring a dual touch panel, the podium allows for interactive annotation and control, enhancing engagement and collaboration within the classroom environment.

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One-Button Online Teaching Activation

With the simple press of a button, the Digital Podium seamlessly integrates with online teaching platforms, enabling instructors to conduct virtual sessions with remote participants effortlessly.

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Benefits of applying digital podium

Connecting globally:

Digital Podium consolidates the functions of multiple devices into one, offering a comprehensive solution for various needs.

Easy Installation:

With integrated design, the digital podium only requires essential connections for audio, video, and network. Simply placing it in the classroom without the need for complex wiring or setup.


Whether in a newly constructed school or an existing classroom with audiovisual equipment, Digital Podium seamlessly integrates with diverse product solutions, ensuring compatibility across different setups.

Easy Operation:

User-friendly interface allows teachers to easily grasp usage procedures, significantly reducing learning time.

IQ&Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 Introduction

Customer Reviews

"Digital Podium NDP100 has transformed our lectures. Its intuitive interface and touchscreen controls make teaching engaging and interactive."

- John Smith, USA

"As an instructor, I appreciate the seamless control the Digital Podium NDP500 offers over multiple multimedia devices. It has truly enhanced my presentations."

-Emily Chen, Canada

"NDP100 digital podium has revolutionized our teaching environment. Its integration and network-based control have streamlined our lecturing processes."

-Carlos Martinez, Spain


What is IQ&Q-NEX Digital Podium?

IQ&Q-NEX Digital Podium is an innovative lecturing solution designed to simplify multimedia control and enhance presentations.

What are the main features of the Digital Podium?

Digital Podium converges multiple multimedia and control devices for simplified control, providing a hassle-free lecturing experience.

How does the Digital Podium benefit presenters?

Presenters can control and execute multiple devices using a central unit, streamlining the user experience and eliminating the need to manage each device separately.

Is Digital Podium compatible with other classroom technology?

Yes. IQ&Q-NEX Digital Podium equips with multiple interfaces that enables working with diverse classroom devices such as interactive flat panels, projectors, document cameras, lecture capture systems, etc.

How does digital podium revolutionize classrooms?

The Digital Podium NDP blends traditional teaching methods with cutting-edge technology, offering dynamic and immersive learning experiences. It enhances presentations with advanced features and facilitates seamless interaction in the classroom environment.

How do I choose between the NDP100 and NDP500 for different scenarios?

The NDP100 is suitable for auditoriums, seminar halls, and large classrooms, while the NDP500 is ideal for smart classrooms, hybrid learning environments, and smaller training centers. Each caters to specific needs and preferences.

What are the primary differences between the NDP100 and NDP500?

The NDP100 is floor-standing and suited for larger spaces, while the NDP500 can be desktop-mounted and is perfect for smaller settings. Additionally, they differ in size dimensions and applicable scenarios.

How does the Digital Podium facilitate centralized control and AV matrix switching?

The Digital Podium serves as a central control unit, managing various classroom devices seamlessly. It also enables flexible content display through AV matrix switching, allowing instructors to switch between different sources effortlessly.

What are the benefits of applying a Digital Podium in educational settings?

Digital Podiums offer high integration, easy installation, compatibility with existing setups, and user-friendly operation. They streamline lecturing processes, enhance engagement, and promote interactive teaching methods.

How do customers benefit from using Digital Podiums?

Customers have reported transformed lectures, enhanced presentations, and streamlined teaching environments with the Digital Podium NDP100 and NDP500. They appreciate the intuitive interface, touchscreen controls, and seamless device control.

Can Digital Podiums facilitate live streaming and online teaching activation?

Yes, Digital Podiums enable live streaming in campus LAN environments and support one-button online teaching activation. They seamlessly integrate with online platforms, allowing instructors to conduct virtual sessions effortlessly.

What are the primary functionalities of the Dual Touch Panel feature?

The Dual Touch Panel allows for interactive annotation and control, enhancing engagement and collaboration within the classroom environment. It promotes interactive teaching methods and facilitates student participation.


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