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Easy-to-use whiteboard software with powerful tools for creating interactive courseware and delivering impactful lectures, promoting active learner engagement.

Engage & Interact

Split-screen writing and 20-point interaction for seamless student engagement.

Intelligent Presentations

Gesture, shape, and text recognition for dynamic and engaging classes.

Resource Flexibility

Easy access to cloud and local resources, enhancing teaching materials.

Lesson Replay Anywhere

Screen recording and QR code sharing for convenient lesson review on the go.

Let More Students Interact with Split-Board

Engage multiple students effortlessly with our 20-point writing on a split screen. Experience vibrant 4K display, create 2-4 erasable whiteboards, and bring questions to life on every board!

Present Your Class, Intelligently

Unleash the power of Gesture, Shape, and Text Recognition to make your classes more dynamic and engaging.

Gesture Recognition
Use your hands to do the shortcuts, such as fingers to zoom in & out, and full palm to erase.

Shape Recognition
No matter what kinds of shapes you draw, it can be presented in a standardized format.

Text Recognition
Automatically recognize your handwriting and convert it into text for legibility.

Limitless Writing Space

Experience uninterrupted creative freedom on an infinite canvas. Effortlessly retrieve handwritten content while zooming and dragging with ease, allowing you to write seamlessly.

Versatile Subject Tools

Immerse yourself in virtual experiments, IQClass One simulates fluid dynamics, letting you pour between containers, adjusting currents on the fly. A hands-on journey into the heart of science!

Transforms teaching with 3D shapes—expand, collapse, rotate, and fill surfaces—plus function graphing, formula creation, and geometry tools, ushering in a smarter era of education.

Elevate Teaching with IQ SmartPen

Unlock a dynamic presentation experience with the IQ SmartPen SP200. Seamlessly navigate whiteboard interactions using features like the air mouse, spotlight, and laser pointer, making your teaching engaging and inspiring.

Learn more about IQ SmartPen SP200

Engage students with fast response

Effortless teaching meets dynamic interaction. IQClass One seamlessly integrates with IQClick hardware, making every lesson engaging, with versatile question modes and insightful data feedback.

Learn more about IQClick

Three Question Types


Dual Mode

Class Mode
Anonymous Mode

Classroom Interaction

Attendance Check
Rapid Quiz Buzzer
Random Roll Call

Results Statistics

Question Data
Answer Data Export

Flexible Resource Access

Effortlessly handle resources with IQClass One's flexible access:
Local Resource Import
Allow to copy or import various local files including Microsoft Office files, screenshots, images, audio and video to the whiteboard for editing.
Power-Packed Resource Library
10,000+ images for diverse courseware. Efficient prep, captivating content. Transform your teaching with our rich resource collection.
Cloud Platform Resource
Access your personal cloud from OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive to drag the files of various formats to the whiteboard.

Annotation Happens Everywhere

Release the full potential of your presentations with the desktop mode. The toolbar, enabling you to annotate all programs and materials, is always available for handy use.

Relive Lessons, Anytime, Anywhere

For students catching up or revisiting lessons, we offer:
Screen Recording
- Record the entire class presentation as a video.
- Easily share the recorded session with fellow students for collaborative learning.
QR Code to Share
- Simply scan the QR code to instantly access and download the whiteboard records.
- Take your lessons with you for convenient review anytime, anywhere.

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