The IQPodium interactive pen display with touch helps teachers , trainers and business professionals communicate more effectively. While projecting to a large display, presenters can add notes or illustrations on the touch screen. It is more collaborative when presenters capture ideas, questions and feedback in the presentation while facing the audience.

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keep your eyes on your audience

The IQPodium is the ultimate presentation tool, giving you total control over what’s displayed behind you while you maintain eye contact with your audience. 

Project images with two HDMI outputs

The IQPodium is adaptable enough to plug-and-play in any environment. It includes 2 HDMI outputs for simultaneous projection to 2 displays, maximizing visibility and giving you the power to present in bigger spaces.

Electromagnetic handwriting

Make annotations on anything with ultra-fast and smooth simulated handwriting. Take notes, sketch, and create just like you would in your favorite notebook. And you don't have to worry about interference when you rest your hands on the screen while writing or drawing.

Instant drafting tablet

Adjust the IQPodium to the most comfortable writing angle whatever feels best, between 90 degrees and almost completely flat.


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