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IQ OS V5.0

Get Everything You Need Right at Hand

Discover the unrivaled and groundbreaking design of the three-functional homepage on Android IQ OS. Applicable to TE1200 Pro and TB1300 Pro interactive display panel, IQ OS V5.0 offers seamless and hassle-free tap-and-slide operations by presenting you with fast, convenient, all directional control on the screen.

Capture Your Ideas at Any Moment

Slide up from the bottom screen to access a blackboard, jot ideas, and insert them into the whiteboard as needed. Annotate across all channels anytime, and switch seamlessly with content preservation. Seamlessly preserve your inspiration across screens, and easily scan to take it with you.

Floating Tool Bar at Your Call

Instantly access your tools, such as making annotations, entering the whiteboard, adjusting settings, or returning to previous tasks, with a simple five-finger swipe on the screen. Customize up to 6 frequently used apps for a seamless experience. The floating toolbar transforms into a taskbar at the screen's edges for easy, quick access.

Multiple-Tasking on One Screen

Work with multiple applications simultaneously on a single screen, each in its own compact window. Effortlessly switch between tasks, boosting productivity, convenience, and your overall presentation impact.

Always Make Your Note Noticeable

Leave reminders or craft a welcoming message for your visitors, and have it prominently displayed on the home screen. Ensure your messages and notes reach your desired audience.

Device Control Everywhere

The integrated DMS software empowers you to remotely manage screen functions like power control, screen control, notifications, system settings, device configurations, and more, eliminating the need for physical presence onsite. Greatly improving work and management efficiency while minimizing the labor cost.

Multiple Users, Endless Experiences

Personalize your journey with Main, Regular, and Guest profiles. Access a user-friendly and personalized experience through seamless switching between profiles.

Consistently Enjoy Perfect Meetings

Connect up to 9 devices simultaneously and experience dynamic wireless screen mirroring on the interactive display. Amplify collaboration with seamless connectivity and crystal-clear visuals, fostering a truly immersive meeting environment.

IQ OS V5.0 Specially Designed for

TE1200 PRO

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TB1300 PRO

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