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TE1200 PRO

Boost Productivity with Android 12

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Android 12 OS

4K AI Camera

DMS Device Remote Control

Customizable Q button


NFC Access Control

Zero+ Bonding

40 Touch Points

Full Function USB-C

HDMI OUT for Extended Screen

Seamless Productivity Enhancement
Android 12.0 / IQ OS V5.0 / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 5.0
Unlock the potential of Android 12 and IQ OS V5.0 for effortless multitasking during meetings and presentations. Its high-performance CPU and ample storage ensure a smooth and user-friendly interface. Stay seamlessly connected with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, simplifying tasks and boosting your efficiency.
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Immersive Visuals & Crystal-Clear Sound

· Elevating Content with AI CAM
The TE1200 Pro features a 48MP 4K AI camera with a wide 120-degree angle and built-in AI CAM features, including panoramic mode, framing mode, and speaker mode, for a superior video conferencing experience.
· Precision Sound Capture
Built-in 8 microphone arrays capture every word with exceptional clarity, ensuring that your messages are heard loud and clear during remote meeting.
· Immersive Audio Experience
Powerful 15W*2 + 20W speakers envelop your space in rich, high-fidelity audio, elevating your meetings, presentations, and educational sessions to a new level of excellence.
8-microphone array
15W*2+20W Subwoofer
Built-in AI CAM
Wide-angle FOV

Precision Touch & Effortless Writing

ZERO+ Bonding / 40 Touch Points 2mm Min. Touch Object / Windows Ink Compatible

Utilize ZERO+ bonding technology and high-precision touch frames for unparalleled touch accuracy. Enjoy full-channel 40-point touch control and 20-point writing capabilities for seamless interactions. Capture even the finest details effortlessly with a minimum touch object size of just 2mm.

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Effortless NFC Control

With NFC Access Control, the TE1200 Pro offers limitless customization of NFC cards. Each card can be programmed for specific functions, including one-touch power control, screen lock, unlock, and touch lock. Simplify complex tasks with a single card swipe, streamlining your interaction with the device.

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Q Button Easy Customization

Customize it to swiftly access your favorite apps, switch channels, or engage helpful utilities with a single click. Personalize your interactions for an efficient and tailored experience.
· Freeze
· Switching to Windows
· Activate Screen Share
· Lock Screen
· Annotation
· Screens Capture

* The Q button is the original C button.
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Streamlined Multi-User Functionality

Supporting up to 5 user accounts, the system allows for quick account switching, each with customizable unlock passwords and independent functionality, catering to various user needs, such as task separation for internal meetings and client interactions, ensuring privacy and convenience.

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DMS Remote Control Mastery

Remote Control Simplified

Effortlessly manage your devices from anywhere, eliminating the need for on-site control.

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Centralized Control

Access centralized app management and flexible installation scheduling for efficient operation.

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Task Automation

Automate key functions like power management, remote desktop access, and wallpaper changes, streamlining your experience.

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Effortless Wireless Screen Sharing

Connect up to 9 devices simultaneously and enjoy 4K wireless screen mirroring on the TE1200 Pro. With group synchronization, collaboration becomes seamless and dynamic, making it ideal for presentations, brainstorming, and interactive sessions.

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