Record your class anytime and anywhere

IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910

System Components

Video Station x1

Wireless PTZ Camera x2

Wireless Microphone x1

System Topology Diagram


Recording your class right away wherever you go

Portable lecture capture system, along with a suitcase equipped with video station, wireless PTZ camera with tripods and wireless microphone, is easy to carry. There is no need for complicated wiring to be fixedly installed in only one classroom, and a recording classroom can be built anytime and anywhere. Just take your suitcase and go around the campus.

5-minute installation for various environment

Wireless connection makes it possible to install a lecture capture system in the shortest time. LCS910 is suitable for not only normal classrooms, but also lecture halls, auditorium or outdoor environments. For example, events held on auditorium, awards ceremonies, report on school news, etc., can be quickly and conveniently set up for recording or live streaming.

Start recording with only one key

The video station embeds 13.3-inch touch screen with scratch-resistant tempered glass and 1080P resolution.The lecturer can just touch the Record button on screen to start video recording right away.The class will be recorded clearly in real-time, and also can be directed on the touch screen.

Various content and scenes for your recording

Video station supports multiple input sources which are presented by multiple split screens. Two wireless PTZ cameras capture panorama images of teachers and students for 2 scenes. Moreover, it also can show teachers’ courseware or other reference materials through external devices. As long as you want to present,we can satisfy you.

Wireless PTZ camera, unbeatable visual experience

Equipped with up to 30X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom lens, high-speed and accurate PTZ positioning, stable wireless transmission and built-in 1/2.8-inch HD CMOS sensor, the camera of LCS910 brings you up to 1080P FHD video performance. No matter which part of the image you want to magnify, it will still be clear to watch even the subject is in long distance. Attached multi-function infrared remote control for your easy and flexible operation.

Abundant audio support

LCS910 supports not only 2.4G wireless and 3.5mm wired microphones connection, but also audio input from mixers when it comes to large event with demand of mixed audio. Users can choose the most suitable audio option for their applications.

Online director

A web-based directing platform is available for users to remotely control the cameras, switch between multiple sources and manage the recorded videos.

Online class for remote learning

Support one-touch Live button on video station or remote operation on web platform for live streaming the teaching video to YouTube and Facebook. The system supports RTMP/RTSP streaming protocol. By creating live classrooms, students can learn online and replay the recorded courses at home . Don't worry about having no enough time to take notes or leaving behind due to sick leave any more.


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