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Collaboration begins from IQ Solutions

At IQ, we offer a range of interactive display solutions designed to enhance engagement and collaboration in education and business settings.
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Our products are carefully designed to meet the needs of modern classrooms and meeting rooms, providing innovative solutions that are flexible, efficient, and cost-effective. The interactive display offers an immersive and collaborative learning and presentation experience, making it the perfect tool for educational institutions and businesses. With its range of features and applications, the interactive display solutions enable seamless collaboration, enhanced productivity, and immersive learning and presentation experience.


Diverse display range
(from 55" to 105")

Multi-touch technology
enables collaboration

Pre-installed software
facilitates learning

Easy connectivity with
mobile devices

Dual OS for productivity
and collaboration

Remote management
and control

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Interactive Learning Solutions

Interactive Learning Systems
— Interactive Display Solution

  • All-in-one solutions for schools and colleges
  • Interactive displays, document cameras, and projectors for a complete classroom setup
  • Multiple input options for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) learning
  • Interactive software for engaging and interactive lessons
  • Remote monitoring and management capabilities for IT admins
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Interactive Flat Panel Displays

  • Size options: 55", 65", 75", 86",98”
  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Interactive touch functionality for collaborative work
  • Inbuilt annotation software and digital whiteboard tools
  • Integrated with Windows or Android operating systems
  • Easy connectivity with USB, HDMI, and wireless options
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Interactive Whiteboard

  • Ultra-short throw and short-throw options for small rooms
  • Bright and vivid display quality
  • Compatible with pen or finger touch
  • Inbuilt annotation software and digital whiteboarding tools Integrated with Windows or Android operating systems
  • Easy connectivity with USB, HDMI, and wireless options
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Interactive Learning Software-KitsMemos

  • Designed for K-12 classrooms and higher education institutions.
  • Comprehensive curriculum-based content for multiple subjects.
  • Interactive lessons, quizzes, and activities for enhanced student engagement.
  • Assessment tools for tracking student progress and performance Teacher dashboards for lesson planning, grading, and class management.
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Interactive Conference Room Solutions

Interactive Video Conferencing Systems
— IQMeet Conference Camera Solution

  • High-definition video and audio quality for seamless virtual meetings
  • 4K PTZ camera with optical and digital zoom
  • IQSpeakerphone 360° omni-directional microphone for high-quality video meetings
  • Multiple cameras and microphones for a professional setup
  • Easy connectivity with video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Interactive whiteboarding and annotation features for real-time collaboration
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Interactive Collaboration Systems — IQShare Wireless Presentation Solution

  • Easy-to-use wireless presentation system for BYOD and BYOM
  • Enabling users to share their personal screens and collaborate on split screens
  • Designed for corporate conference rooms and boardrooms
  • Interactive displays for presentations and brainstorming sessions management
  • Inbuilt video conferencing and collaboration tools for remote team members
  • Perfect for business settings, making it easy to share and present ideas from any device
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Collaborative Meeting Software-JoinMemos

  • Rich assistant tools: pens, screen capture, screen recording, handwriting recognition, speech-to-text, group scorers
  • Multi-device support: laptops, tablets, smartphones
  • Real-time collaboration: editing documents, annotating files, sharing ideas
  • Customizable display: font size, color, background
  • Secure and reliable: secure communication, data privacy, prevention of unauthorized access
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Why do you choose IQ?

Our team of experts provides professional installation and training guides to ensure the IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel Display:

  • Integrate seamlessly into your classroom or conference room.
  • System operates smoothly and efficiently.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance are readily available to address any issues promptly
  • ensuring uninterrupted productivity and learning experiences.
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Key Features and Benefits of IQTouch

  • Immersive learning and presentation experience with high-resolution display and touch functionality
  • Seamless collaboration with screen sharing, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing tools
  • Enhanced productivity with an intuitive interface and support for various file formats
  • Comprehensive range of features and applications, including built-in speakers, Android and Windows operating systems, and wireless connectivity. The software platform also allows for customization to meet specific needs.
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IQ software

IQ provides interactive software that assists interaction and collaboration within educational and conferencing spaces.

  • IQClassOne and IQKitsmemos provides abundant teaching tools and resources, assist preparation and increase attraction for classes.
  • IQJoinmemos enhance collaboration for conference room, no matter free annotation, mindmap, brainstroming, or online meetings.
  • IQView works as an enhancing tool for document camera, flexible capture paper materials and take notes.
  • IQClick assist question and answer interaction within classroom and training center to gather results for better assessment.

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An interactive display is an all-in-one device combines with LED screen, touch panel, built-in speakers, built-in PC for presentation and writing directly on the screen, it usally comes with relevant whiteboard software for interactive teaching and collaborative meeting. Some of the interactive displays are also built with camera and microphone arrays for video conferencing.

Yes. Our IQTouch offers both Android and Windows system, where you can play audio or video content from either the Internet or pre-loaded files. Meanwhile, you can also wirelessly display multimedia content from your personal devices (laptop, smart phone and tablets).

IQTouch is suitable for classroom and boardroom presentation. It can be used in schools, colleages, offices, etc to display content, facilitate teaching and enhance meeting efficiency.

We are not only a manufactuer but also a solution provider of interactive displays. Our products include both hardware and software developed by our R&D team, to meet various customer demands from education and corporate sector.

Smart classroom solution includes interactive touch screen monitor as the classroom display device. Besides, a document camera (also called visualizer) can be used to present documents, books or any 3D object to the interactive display; a wireless presentation system can help teachers display the content from his laptop to the classroom screen without wired connection;speakers and microphone can be used for sound reinforcement.

Apply IQ solutions to enhance your experience

Smart Accessories Support

Additional accessories such as stylus pens, mobile stands, and wall mounts to enhance the usability and functionality of our solutions.


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