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· Windows compatible

· Customizable Q Button

· 3mm Nano PenTip

· 2.4G wireless transmission


Color Switch


Wireless Presenter




Digital Laser Pointer




Seamless Compatibility Tailored to You

Experience the perfect synergy between IQ SmartPen and your devices. IQ SmartPen's seamless compatibility with Windows ensures a professional, efficient, and captivating user experience.

Where Charging Meets Connectivity Excellence

The Type-C base is a game-changer, acting as both a dynamic charging dock and a signal receiver. Experience the thrill of tapping into the full potential of your battery with touchpoint charging. And with blazing-fast 2.4GHz wireless signal reception, enjoy extended, rock-solid connectivity that stretches an impressive 20 meters. It's power and precision at your fingertips!

3mm Nano Precision Unleashed

Indulge in the velvety, wear-resistant precision of the 3mm nano nib. IQ SmartPen ushers in the future of smart pens with its spiral-style portable detachable nibs, delivering not just a sleeker design but also granting you extended writing resilience.

Unlock Possibilities with Q Button

With Q Button, you're in command. It serves as your direct hyperlink for quick access to favorite apps with a single click. Long-press, and it becomes your versatile tool for annotating and creating on blackboard. More functions, endless possibilities.

Annotate and Erase As You Want

Whether you're annotating, erasing, or seamlessly switching between an array of vibrant pen tip colors, it's your all-in-one solution for unlocking boundless creativity and functionality.

Transform Your Mouse Experience with One Click

With just a single click, IQ SmartPen empowers you with the prowess of an 'air mouse.' Picture yourself in the midst of a dynamic presentation, where you can move freely, unburdened by the confines of a podium. It's not just convenience; it's a boundless experience that redefines your presentations!

Highlight key points with aid tools

Ditch the complexities of traditional online systems, IQ SmartPen can be used as a laser pointer or wireless presenter. It also provides a variety of tools for handy use. For example, magnifier to make the details more clear and spotlight to emphasize the content, etc. With one small pen at hand, your presentation could be smoother than ever.

Elevate Your Teaching with IQ SmartPen and IQClass One Software

IQ SmartPen can be a good assistant for teaching environment as well. Through customizing each key’s function of IQ SmartPen based on IQClass One software, the lecturer could use smart pen with the software to deliver more efficient speech.

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