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4 Best Smart Interactive Flat Panels in 2023

4 Best Smart Interactive Flat Panels in 2023


Interactive tablets have become an essential tool in modern collaboration fields. Among numerous excellent Interactive flat panel brands, innovative IQ interactive tablets have become the industry leader due to their outstanding performance, innovative features, and reliable quality. In this article, we will introduce 4 of the best interactive tablets in the world while highlighting the exceptional features and advantages of the intelligent IQ Interactive flat panel.


1. Factors to consider when choosing an interactive flat panel

When choosing an effective and sustainable interactive flat panel, the following are the main factors you need to consider.

1.1 Connectivity and compatibility

When selecting a powerful interactive flat panel, you need to ensure that the interactive flat panel has a wide range of connectivity options, such as HDMI, USB, and wireless connectivity, to seamlessly integrate and share content with other devices, such as computers, projectors, audio devices, etc.

1.2 Display quality and resolution

Choosing an interactive flat panel display with high definition and good display quality is very important. Ensure that it provides clear images and text display so students and teachers can easily read and understand the content.

1.3 Touch technology and response speed

Interactive flat panels should have highly sensitive touch technology that accurately captures users' touch and handwriting input. In addition, the fast response speed is also an essential factor in ensuring that user actions can be feedback on the screen in real-time.

1.4 Multi-touch and handwriting recognition

The multi-touch feature allows multiple users to perform touch operations simultaneously, promoting teamwork and interaction. In addition, the handwriting recognition function can convert handwritten content into digital format, making it easy to save and share, further improving interactivity and collaboration.

1.5 Size and adaptability

Considering the size and layout of your classroom or conference room, choose the appropriate size for the interactive flat panel. Ensure it adapts well to your space and provides a sufficient visual area for all participants to see the screen content.

1.6 Price and budget

Interactive flat panel prices vary depending on brand, industry specifications, and feature offerings. We need to select the most suitable interactive flat panel that meets our needs within the budget range and balance the relationship between price and performance.


2. 6 Best Smart Interactive Flat Panels in 2023

When you understand evaluation criteria and selection indicators, you can discover the best interactive flat panel in 2023.

2.1Promethean ActivPanel

Promethean ActivPanel is a robust and reliable interactive tablet. It has excellent image quality, extensive functionality, and personalized customization capabilities. It has a 4K resolution and high brightness, providing clear and sharp images. It also has a wide viewing angle so the image can be seen from any angle. Promethean ActivPanel supports fingers, pens, and multi-touch. This makes it suitable for various purposes, including education, business, and entertainment. And various collaboration tools are built-in, such as graffiti, annotations, and screen sharing. This makes it an ideal choice for teamwork and communication. In addition, Promethean ActivPanel also supports user customization interfaces, which can be customized according to user needs to make it suitable for various environments and applications.

2.2 LG 75TC3D interactive whiteboard

The LG 75TC3D interactive whiteboard is an excellent interactive tablet with many advantages. From the image quality of the program, the LG 75TC3D interactive whiteboard has a 4K resolution and high brightness, providing clear and sharp images. From the perspective of multiple interactive functions, the LG 75TC3D interactive whiteboard features fingers, pens, and multi-touch. It can be effective in numerous places, such as education, business, and entertainment. Regarding screen material selection, it has a sturdy structure and anti-glare glass, which is durable and has a long service life. The LG 75TC3D interactive whiteboard has various collaboration tools such as graffiti, annotations, and screen sharing. This makes it an ideal choice for teamwork and communication.

In addition, to personalize user usage habits, the LG 75TC3D interactive whiteboard also provides customizable user interfaces and functions, allowing users to change settings based on scene requirements or task goals.


Smart IQ TOUCH TE1200 PRO is an excellent Interactive flat panel of the innovative IQ brand. To provide a high-precision touch and writing experience, the IQ TOUCH TE1200 PRO adopts ZERO+bonding technology and high-precision touch panels in the screen production process, delivering unparalleled touch accuracy. Supports entire channel 40-point touch and 20-point writing functions, achieving seamless interaction. The minimum touch object size is only 2mm, making capturing the most minor details easy.

In addition, IQ TOUCH TE1200 PRO provides NFC access control and C button customization functions. It supports NFC access control and allows unrestricted customization of NFC cards. You can program each card with specific functions, including one-click power control, screen lock, unlock, and touch lock. Efficiently complete complex tasks through card swiping, simplifying interaction with devices. The C button allows you to customize user preferences, quickly access your favorite applications, switch channels, or use utilities with just one click, providing an efficient and personalized experience.

2.4 BenQ RP8603 interactive display

BenQ RP8603 interactive display is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises and educational institutions. Compared to other interactive tablets, the advantages of the BenQ Interactive Whiteboard are mainly reflected in the following aspects. The price of the BenQ RP8603 interactive display is relatively low. However, its performance and functions are similar to other high-end interactive screens, making it one of the most affordable interactive tablets on the market. This makes it ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises and educational institutions.

In terms of ease of use, the BenQ RP8603 interactive display whiteboard is easy to use. It requires no additional training to get started. The BenQ RP8603 interactive display also supports finger, pen, and multi-touch functions, making it suitable for various application scenarios, including education, business, and entertainment.

3. Why choose IQ TOUCH TE1200 PRO

High-quality IQ TOUCH TE1200 PRO is an excellent choice. Here are some potent reasons.

3.1 Accurate touch and writing experience

The ZERO+bonding technology and a high-precision IQ interactive flat panel touch frame provide unparalleled touch accuracy. The 40-point touch and 20-point writing functions enable seamless interaction, with a minimum touch object size of only 2mm, making capturing the minor details easy.

3.2 Multifunctionality and security

The powerful IQ interactive flat panel supports up to 9 user accounts, each with customizable unlock passwords and independent functions to meet different user needs. In addition, it also supports DMS remote control management, allowing you to easily manage devices from anywhere without the need for on-site control.

3.3 Flexible connection and management

The flexible IQ interactive flat panel supports dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensuring seamless connection to the network and other devices, simplifying tasks, and improving work efficiency. In addition, it also supports wireless screen sharing, which can achieve 4K wireless screen mirroring for up to 9 devices, making collaboration seamless and dynamic.


Regardless of which product you choose, whether it is IQ TOUCH TE1200 PRO, or other products, you can learn about the usage and technical guidelines of IQ TOUCH TE1200 PRO through our contact information.


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