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5 Benefits of Interactive Flat Panel Education For Schools



The world of education is changing, and classroom technology is helping it progress. As our students become more accustomed to the digital world, we need to make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed. Interactive Flat Panels are one of the most valuable tools we can provide our students today. Here are 5 benefits of interactive flat panels for schools:

Interactive Flat Panel + Classroom Management = Efficiency

The teacher has a microphone and is able to talk to all the students at once, or just the ones in a specific area of the classroom. This option is especially useful if you’re trying to manage your students or help them with something on their individual screens. The teacher can also use it as an announcement system where they can speak directly into their microphone and everyone hears what they have to say no matter where they are in the room. By doing this, it becomes easier for teachers to manage groups of students that are off task by helping them get back on track by using the interactive flat panel display screen as an instructional tool.

Professional Teaching Resources Are Just A Click Away

Interactive flat panel education, or IFPE as it’s sometimes called, is a great way to make teaching resources easy to find and use. The ability of IFPE systems to integrate with existing software makes finding new teaching materials an effortless task. Teachers can also create their own interactive lessons using some of the popular tools available today.

Through IQVideo lecture capture system, educators can easily create a hybrid learning environment. Teachers deliver their lectures on cloud video platform YouTube or Facebook, which facilitates the students learning from home. With the push of a button, teachers can share their lessons with colleagues through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This enables students around the world to see how others are learning while they are learning themselves!

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Flat Panels For Education?

High Definition IPS (In-Plane Switching) Screen

The first benefit of an interactive flat panel display is the high-definition IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen, which is a high-quality display technology with many advantages. It allows for a wide viewing angle and has a fast response time, making it ideal for classrooms where there are multiple users who may be sitting at different distances from their screens. In addition, IPS displays are more energy efficient than other types of displays because they have better contrast ratios and black levels, so they don’t need as much electricity to power up.

IPS screens are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 27 inches all the way up to 85 inches or even larger if you need something larger for your classroom!

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Flat Panels For Education?

Easy to Use Without the Need for Training

In the past, you’d need to hire an expert to set up a computer or tablet for use in the classroom. But now that technology has advanced and flat panels have become more affordable, interactive whiteboards have made it easier than ever before for schools to create their own interactive learning environment.

These days most people are familiar with computers and tablets because they’re so widely used at home and in the workplace. So there’s no need for training when you introduce new technology into your school – students will be very comfortable getting started on their own. They can tap the screen with their fingers or use a stylus pen instead of a mouse if they prefer (although some teachers may prefer using both).

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Flat Panels For Education?

Access to Worldwide Classrooms with IQClass Hybrid Learning Solution

IQClass Hybrid Learning Solution is a cloud-based education way that allows teachers to share their classroom with students around the world. This gives educators the ability to connect with other teachers and share resources, files, videos, and lessons. Students can interact with the teacher or other students in real time. IQClass Hybrid Learning Solution has made it possible for teachers to engage students from all over the world while building their own professional networks of peers around common interests!

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Flat Panels For Education?

Teachers Can Collaborate In Real Time With Students and Colleagues

A big advantage of interactive flat panels in education is the ability to collaborate in real time with students and colleagues. Teachers can share their screen with students, or they can share their screens with their students and colleagues. This allows for a more collaborative environment that increases engagement and learning.

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Flat Panels For Education?

Easy Access to a Wide Variety of Resources in the Cloud

The cloud is everywhere and it's easy to access.

Teachers can access their resources from anywhere, including the classroom and their homes. They can easily share content with students and other teachers, collaborate on projects and activities, and even connect with experts in the field for advice or information. This means that you have a large variety of options available to you at all times.

5 Benefits of interactive flat panel for schools

There are many benefits of interactive flat panel for schools. This technology is allowing teachers to expand their classroom resources and engage students like never before. With the right equipment, your students can take advantage of the following:

Large touchscreen display - Interactive touchscreen display for education helps to achieve an active connection between teachers and students as the display can be touched up to 20 points at the same time. You can touch the screen, erase, side, drag and move multiple windows simultaneously. Teachers can teach from multiple sources of content and applications. This helps children to become better at brainstorming, presenting and analysing text or images.

IQTouch interactive display - This touchscreen technology allows you greater control over how you interact with content on screen than traditional projectors do because it's integrated into one device instead of two separate components like cables connecting a computer monitor connected via VGA cable (to provide power), speakers attached directly into audio ports on computers' motherboards (for sound), etcetera. Interactive Flat Panel Education Solutions will help you make the most of every moment in the classroom. Studies have shown that in digitally active classrooms, failure rates are 55% lower as compared to traditional learning classrooms. Due to their one-and-all function, an interactive panel for education is faster to set up and require minimal maintenance. It is easy to use, which means that little children, as well as those with less knowledge of technology, can adapt to the flat board panel easily. This also means that there is minimal training involved and this can save time and reduce related costs.


Professional teaching resources - Interactive flat panel systems include apps that allow teachers easy access to professional learning tools such as videos demonstrating best practices from other classrooms around world." An interactive education panel is an immensely useful tool for teachers and students. This type of education technology allows teachers to move freely and teach anywhere in the classroom, whilst sharing their work with a simple click of a button. Students can submit assignments directly on the board without interrupting the lesson, while teachers can track their progress better as they have access to their daily lessons recorded on the system. Digital drawings can be saved at any time and easily modified later. Our panels are also compatible with Microsoft Office features such as Powerpoint, Word and able to access Adobe PDF files too. For example, if you want to see what your child is working on but he or she does not have time to explain it all orally, you can just access this information on your own time by watching what was recorded during class! Most interactive flat panel education have a wireless screencasting option, where they can support a computer, iPad or phone. Most smart boards also have a built-in camera microphone and are compatible with most software, on top of being easy to update the hardware too.


I hope this article has given you a taste for just how exciting and beneficial interactive flat panels can be for your school’s classrooms. They are an amazing tool that will allow teachers and students alike to engage in new ways of learning, which is why they are becoming more popular than ever before. If you want to learn more about the benefits of interactive flat panel education then please contact us today!


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