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Five Tips for Building A More Complete Meeting Room

Five Tips for Building A More Complete Meeting Room


The role of a conference room is very important. And there are always many conditions that need to be fulfilled in a conference room. One of these conditions is that smart devices in meeting rooms, such as IQ smart meeting room solution here play an important role in improving the use of space. In the morning, the company's creative team uses the conference room for brainstorming. In the afternoon, the meeting room may become the venue for formal job interviews. It's a room used for many different goals. Due to the prevalent use of mixed work patterns, the conference space needs to function for remote communication. In this article, we'll give you five tips - on how to pick equipment. The right equipment can save you budget. It can also improve the efficiency of your meetings.


1. The meaning of "meeting" change

In the past, the role of the meeting is not obvious. Ordinary meeting space is not attractive and can not improve efficiency. Now more and more companies pay attention to the importance of the meeting. Leaders have realized that meetings are more productive when employees are actively engaged. Meeting room equipment must adapt to the mixed working patterns. Hybird's working model becoming more popular and Zoom software also become a popular way to communicate. Meetings are an important part of business. Meetings allow for the sharing of ideas, information, concerns, constructive feedback, and the setting of plans. Businesses have more opportunities to pick great teams using remote work models. Whether you are communicating with remote employees or customers, make it easy for remote attendees to participate, then you are a winner.


2. Modern meeting room models

Because of smart devices, you have more choices. For example, you can choose any space as a meeting room. You can have a conference in the meeting room. When employees work at home, the boss can also hold remote meetings. Participants can take part in a remote meeting from their desks or home office tables. Modern conference rooms make it easy to share screens between attendees. And smart devices can improve interaction and insightful communication among team members.


3. The advantages of a well-equipped conference room

Teamwork makes a business great. Smart and well-equipped conference rooms make virtual teamwork a successful reality.

Most businesses are upgrading their meeting rooms. Leaders use software that allows easy remote access for employees and customers. Attendees can take part in your meetings as long as they have a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. By upgrading your conference room equipment, your company's potential increases. For a company, you are no longer limited to "local" employees and clients


4. Meeting room equipment requirements

Most people have no idea how to choose the right smart devices. Choosing the devices for your organization's hybrid working model can be a challenge. For this reason, IQ gives five suggestions to help you better upgrade your meeting room.


4.1 Video conferencing hardware

If your budget allows, equip your meeting room with a state-of-the-art video conferencing hardware system. Zoom Popular vendors rely on computers with built-in cameras and microphones. But these just offer poor quality image and sound. All-in-one video conferencing systems offer cameras, microphones, and speakers. This system allows you to make the online meeting on your favorite platform. The IQTouch HA1100 Pro features a dual camera. One of the conference cameras has a resolution of 48MP. The other visualizer has a resolution of 13MP. You can get high-definition images even when you are video conferencing. The built-in 8-array microphone and speakers allow for better sound input and output.


4.2 Webcam

If the resolution of the built-in camera on your computer or device is not enough. You can choose to install a high-quality webcam as part of your conference room equipment to improve your virtual meetings. But if you have IQTouch HA1100 Pro then you don't need to buy an extra webcam. Because this app comes with a 48MP camera. The clear images then allow you to feel connected and engaged with other participants. If you need a PTZ camera to capture clearer images you can choose the IQMeet CV810 Pro. It has 4k UHD, 12x optical zoom, 16 digital zoom, and so on.  So it can meet your high-quality requirements.


4.3 Microphone

High-quality images improve the quality of meetings.Another important point is sound. Buying an extra microphone can make your voice clearer and provides the option of adjusting the volume. IQ S330 SpeakerPhone picks up sound at 360 degrees. Even larger spaces can be picked up with ease.


4.4 Interactive flat panel

The interactive smart board is a multifunctional screen. It allows you to share the screen with the audience and display virtual participants. These interactive flat panels are very useful during your presentations. This is because they allow you to easily zoom in on images and text. Smart boards allow you to perform all actions on your computer screen.


4.5 Podium

To help the presenter better interact with the audience, the value of the IQPodium PD150 comes into play. The digital screen allows you to operate the large screen behind you at any time. Even in the classroom podium's role is very important. It can provide more interaction between the teachers and the students in the class.



The conference room plays an important role in the business. How to make fuller use of meeting room space is a matter of concern for businesses. If you are planning to update your meeting room but don't know how to choose the equipment. Then we hope that IQ can help you. We have been providing a wide range of intelligent equipment since 2006. We can provide hardware and software and also solutions. The age of intelligence is happening and the needs of users are increasing. What IQ, as a well-known brand, can assure you is that we can offer more comprehensive solutions rather than just selling products.


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