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Here is How to Build Inclusive Classrooms

Here is How to Build Inclusive Classrooms


A general education classroom that welcomes students with and without disabilities is known as an inclusive classroom. It is effectively the opposite of a special education classroom, where only other kids with impairments are present for instruction.

When you take the initiative to ensure that your class includes students from different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and sexual orientations, you are referred to as having an inclusive classroom. The goal is to guarantee that every one of these pupils receives an equal education, has access to technology and is treated equally. In addition, inclusive schools aim to eliminate prejudices that may exist between us and the less fortunate.

What constitutes an inclusive classroom?

Because everyone is included, inclusive classrooms are fantastic! Since everyone is included in inclusive classrooms, we may expand on informal educational methods by utilizing their experiences, cultural expertise, and personalities. Keep in mind that inclusive schools aim to strengthen and develop majority cultural norms rather than demoralize anyone.

When researching inclusive classrooms, you can also run across the term "multicultural education." So said, multicultural education means that all students, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, or other identity, are taught in general education classes and are included in the curriculum.

What Steps Can I Take to Be More Inclusive?

It can be challenging to develop a more accessible classroom if you are unprepared or lack the necessary supplies. Thankfully, inclusive classrooms can be created much more quickly today than in the past. The reason for this is technology. Educational technology is a simple way to assist in establishing this inclusive classroom.

Teachers can readily remove obstacles preventing kids from progressing thanks to technology. This is far more accessible than ever before, whether employing video-assisted learning to help students understand minority customs or providing assistive tools for kids with specific needs.

However, remember that not all students have access to technology or the internet. Suggest a solution for these pupils by asking your administrators to supply laptops or city library cards so they can study in a secure setting.

Building Inclusive Classrooms with IQ Board Technology"

Inclusive classrooms are essential for providing a high-quality education to all students, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. With the right tools and resources, teachers can create a learning environment that is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive for all students. One technology that can help teachers build inclusive classrooms is the IQ Board, also known as an interactive whiteboard.

An IQ Board is a large, display screens that allows teachers and students to collaborate on various tasks and activities. It is typically mounted on a wall or mounted on a mobile stand, and it is used in conjunction with a computer and projector. The IQ Board allows teachers to present multimedia content, such as videos, images, and audio clips, as well as to write and draw on the screen using a stylus or finger. It also comes equipped with a variety of features and tools, such as the ability to save and share content, annotate documents, and create interactive lessons.

There are several ways in which the IQ Board can be used to build inclusive classroom technology. Here are some tips for teachers on how to use this technology to support the needs of all students:

· Use the IQ Board to present multimedia content in multiple formats.

One of the benefits of the IQ Board is its ability to smart digital display multimedia content in a variety of formats. This can be particularly useful for students who have different learning styles or who may have difficulty comprehending traditional text-based materials. For example, teachers can use the IQ Board to present videos, audio clips, and images, which can help students better understand and retain information.

Additionally, teachers can use the IQ Board to present materials in multiple languages, which can be particularly helpful for students who are English language learners. This can help to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all students.


· Use the IQ Board to create interactive lessons.

The IQ Board's interactive capabilities make it an ideal tool for creating engaging and interactive lessons. Teachers can use the stylus or finger to draw, write, and highlight on the screen, which can help to make lessons more interactive and engaging for students.

Teachers can also use the IQ Board to create interactive activities, such as quizzes, games, and simulations. These types of activities can help to foster collaboration and critical thinking skills among students, and they can be tailored to meet the needs of different ability levels.

Use the IQ Board to facilitate collaboration.

One of the key benefits of the IQ Board is its ability to facilitate collaboration among students. Teachers can use the IQ Board to create group work activities, where students can work together to complete tasks or solve problems. This can help to foster teamwork and communication skills, and it can also help to create a more inclusive environment where all students feel valued and supported.

Teachers can also use the IQ Board to create online collaborative learning spaces, where students can work together remotely. This can be particularly useful for students who may have mobility or accessibility issues, or who may be unable to attend class in person due to COVID-19 or other circumstances.

Use the IQ Board to provide accommodations for students with disabilities.

The IQ Board can be a valuable tool for providing accommodations for students with disabilities. For example, teachers can use the IQ Board to present materials in large font or in high contrast, which can be helpful for students with visual impairments. They can also use the IQ Board to present materials in audio format, which can be helpful for students who are blind or have low vision.

How to Implement Inclusive Classroom Strategies:

You can implement a variety of tactics to make your classroom more inclusive. However, it is much simpler to employ a variety of materials and distribute them among many pupils when Educational technology is used.

You can think about a variety of tactics and tools to improve diversity and accessibility after you have a better understanding of your students' cultures and personalities.

Video-based instruction:

Using video-assisted learning in your classroom is a terrific approach to make it more diverse. This is because many videos were produced with diversity in mind, making it simple to locate videos with young actors from many racial and ethnic origins. Videos can also be used to demonstrate scenarios so that students can better understand the customs and cultures of their peers.

Hybrid Education:

Synchronous lessons are taught both in-person and online via hybrid learning. This indicates that although some pupils are in a classroom, others are at home or attending other educational facilities. Due to its ability to dissolve geographic barriers, hybrid learning is a fantastic solution for inclusivity.

Fostering Student Collaboration:

One of the most effective strategies to make your classroom more inclusive is encouraging collaboration among various pupils. It forces pupils to set aside their differences and cooperate for a common goal.


Multiple factors make inclusive classrooms crucial. However, they are also a part of a broad range of techniques that educators can employ to give all the students in an inclusive classroom a better education and greater chances to use technology. Lastly, the central role played in an inclusive classroom is by the educator and so an educator should be trained and equipped enough to carry out an effective inclusive classroom.


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