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How to Distinguish between Different Types of Interactive Display?

How to Distinguish between Different Types of Interactive Display?


Nowadays, the development of technology is so fast. We can see it is the digital world right now. Because communication and information are advancing at a rapid pace. Displays are good tools in our lives. These devices provide real-time images, multimedia content, and access to virtual worlds. So we can communicate with others through quick clicks or access various favorites. For example, various entertainment and education to learn more. There are a wide range of uses, but have you ever thought about the different uses of an interactive display? In this article,IQ provides some information about the different types of interactive display. And the important role that different deviecs play in various industries.


1. What is an interactive display?


The interactive display is the popular products. It can help people to improve the efficiency of the communication and work. It allows us to get information, images, and various content in the network world. Simply put, an interactive display is a window through which we communicate with the digital world. Like a small screen in the smartphone. The large screen in the computer and TVs. They all use some form of display to show different information. The interactive flat panel is one of the displays.


2. Types of interactive displays


Interactive displays are becoming more and more popular in life. As technology advances, different types of interactive dispalys with unique features. And more functions have been designed. Below we will introduce several commonly used devices and their technologies:


2.1. LCD monitors (consisting of liquid crystals):

These monitors consist of a liquid crystal screen that displays high-quality, colored images. LCD monitors are often thin, lightweight, and powerful, and are used in several devices. Like laptops, TVs, and gaming monitors.


2.2. OLED monitors:

These monitors utilize OLED technology to display very nice, high-contrast images. OLED monitors have no back lighting. These interactive displays offer rich colors and excellent viewing angles. And they are used in smart devices and TVs.


2.3. Interactive flat panel (touch):

The interactive flat panels use touch technology to connect the user to the device. With touch recognition, the user can perform and control various commands and functions by touching the screen. Touch monitors are used in a variety of smart models. Like tablets, touchscreen displays, and so on.


2.4. Graphic (Industrial) Monitors:

These types of monitors are designed for specific applications. Such as graphic design, simulation, engineering, and medical industries. Ad industrial monitors have high resolution, large screens, accurate color display, and fast response time.


2.5. Curved Monitors:

These types of monitors have curved screens. So it makes the image a more immersive visual experience. Curved monitors are considered an attractive option for a variety of games, watching movies, and movie theaters.


3. Types of interactive displays usage


With the development of the technology, users choose different interactive displays according their needs. It is involved in various areas of our lives. Interactive displays play a very important role in the field of technology and communication. As one of the essential tools of the digital world. They can help us to communicate with a wide range of information, content, and software.


3.1. Interactive displays in computers and laptops act as the primary shows part. Between the users and the operating system. They display information and images and allow us to interact visually with programs, files, and web pages.


3.2. TV and theater screens improve the experience of watching movies and TV shows. High picture quality and vivid, clear colors immerse us in the world of exciting, realistic images and take the viewing experience to a higher level.


3.3. Touch screens in smartphones and monitors allow us to easily and quickly interact with different programs. Like interacting with websites, and showing the content by touching the screen directly.


·Use of interactive displays in education

In the field of education, classroom touchscreens are used as a basic tool. To enrich the tool of teaching and improve the interaction with students. We can mention the use of tablets and computers in the classroom. The use of interactive and smart displays in educational and online educational platforms. IQ has recently launched the IQTouchTB1100 Pro Gen2. This is a high-end modern touch interactive flat panel. The AI camera can auto-track speakers. The full-function plug-and-play Type-C interface not only transfers files but also offers 65w charges. The multitasking function provides more flexibility during use. Enhance the interaction between students and teachers. Improve the efficiency of the classroom.


·Use of interactive displays in the business

In the business world, interactive displays are mainly used to increase productivity. Especially nowadays mixed working patterns are becoming more and more common. Choosing a suitable IFP can realize a flexible working mode. For example, the IQTouch HA1100 Pro features a dual camera. One conference camera and the other visualizer. The conference camera is used to realize video conferences. Another visualizer can  be used to display documents and other materials.



There are many types of monitors. User choose the different types of interactive displays to use. Because the powerful functions of the interactive display, we use them in all spheres of life. From technology and communication to industry and design, health and education, business and amount, and so on. Monitors play a very important role in improving efficiency and providing effective information. OurIQTouch brand series is a famous interactive flat panel supplier in China. We have been operating in the AV industry for many years. We are an education and meeting solutions provider since 2006. Besides IFPDs, we can also provide wireless presentation systems, lecture capture systems, integrated products, and smart solutions. We also have our self-developed software, like IQKitsMemos and JoinMemos. You can contact us on our website. We will offer the most suitable solution for you.


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