How to Get a Clear picture in Video Conferencing with IFP-IQBoard



How to Get a Clear picture in Video Conferencing with IFP

How to Get a Clear picture in Video Conferencing with IFP


The use of video conferencing in business is increasing. This is because people are finding it to be a very effective way of communication. There are many products available on the market for people to buy. So how to ensure the picture of the video meeting and improve collaboration? Here we suggest buying an IFP (interactive flat panel) for video conferencing. Not only can meetings be held on it but also presentations can be made. It can be very effective in improving the efficiency of people’s meetings. Today’s technology is developing very fast, an IFP can ensure the quality of the picture. For example, IQTouch HA1100 Pro integrates 48MP and 13MP dual-cameras. It builds the video conference environment that participants can be precisely positioned and the focus of different speakers can be automatically switched. Besides, it guarantees ultra-clear picture quality and adapts to different lighting conditions.

1. Why video conferencing is important?

People in today’s work environment prefer to choose video conferences for discussion because of the productivity increasing. Imagine that a colleague is away on a business trip and needs to have a meeting without having to wait. A video call is all it takes to start a discussion with a colleague. With first-time clients, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on the road. Just one video call is all it takes to collaborate.

1.1 Increased efficiency

Video calling attracts many users with its powerful features such as screen sharing and real-time collaboration. And the ability to participants to join from anywhere for clearer communication makes video conferencing more hassle-free.

2. Why IFP is suitable for video conferencing?

Interactive flat panel is popular in the education and business industries due to its ease of operation. IFP is also known as an interactive whiteboard. It comes with the built-in stable system and has multiple apps for use. It can also be annotated at anytime, providing a convenient platform for group brainstorming.


2.1 Powerful functionality

Take IQTouch HA1100 Pro as an example to show the powerful functions of IFP. It has a built-in Android 11.0 system and IQ OS interface. More stable systems and rich collaboration tools are at your fingertips. It makes users’ operations smoother and easier. Advanced touch technology gives the screen instant response and high-precision writing. The 40-point touch technology and infrared touch bring you a different writing experience.

2.2 Ultra high-definition picture

IQ interactive whiteboard has 48mp and 13mp dual-cameras. Giving you a high level of visual experience when conducting video conferences. Optical bonding technology gives you the maximum viewing angle. And it can provide you with the most accurate and smooth touch experience. Mohs 8 AG(Anti-Glare) +AF(Anti-Fingertips) ultra-safe glass is used. This glass is both shock-absorbent and super durable.

2.3 Perfect AV setup

IQTouch HA1100 Pro has a built-in eight-array microphone and 2.1 stereo sound. There is no need for external sound devices when you are conducting a video conference. Enhanced microphones and speakers ensure wide-range sound pickup. Providing you with a more immersive sound environment. Eight array microphones support 8m pickup distance and the technologies like echo cancellation and noise reduction. Even in large video conference rooms, the audio is clear and powerful.

2.4 Wireless collaboration

BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) is a natural extension of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), you can wirelessly access IQTouch HA1100 Pro’s camera and microphone. And you can choose your prefered UC (Unified Communications) platform for video conferencing such as Zoom, Webex, and Google meetings.

3. How can I look better on video conference calls?

As we all know, video calls are crucial in today’s world. We hold meetings, conduct job interviews, talk to friends and family, and meet with clients - all of these are done via video calls. Despite this, it can still be uncomfortable and many people feel embarrassed about it. We have a few tips to you.

3.1 Background

Before making a video call, take some time to choose an appropriate background. If it’s a private call, this may not be a problem. However, if it is a business call, you need to create your own environment. Try to choose a neat and clean background. It's really easy to get distracted if the background is stuffed with things.

3.2 Lighting

Lighting is critical when choosing a location for video calls. If you are indoors, please prepare enough light sources. So that your picture can be transmitted. If you are outdoors, please do not backlight. Because then it is likely that no one will be able to see you. One of the reasons many people say they don't look good on video calls is actually because of the lack of light. To look good on a video call, you need a light source to illuminate your face that is located in front of you.

3.3 Network connection

You must have had a video call that ended by a bad network signal. Usually, the problem occurs because the network connection is not stable. If you have an important call, make sure the network signal is stable enough before you make the call. If you have no other choice and you only have a wireless connection, don't worry, you can still make it. Just try not to use other things online while you are on a call, such as downloading, uploading, etc.

3.4 Testing Equipment

For any live online event, live stream, video call, or live game, testing is critical. Test all your equipment and do a trial run. You can confirm the volume level before making a video call. Adjust the brightness of the screen, as well as familiarize yourself with the operation of the equipment. Prevents you from being unable to adjust in time if something goes wrong.

Of course, there are other suggestions, such as making more eye contact with the audience. We hope these tips will help you on video calls.


Video conferencing is becoming a mainstream trend in daily life and business event. Especially in education and business meetings smart devices play a very important role. Using IFP as a tool for video calls solution can have many extra advantages. We at IQ offer a wide range of interactive flat panels for you to choose according to the different needs. We can provide software and smart solutions in addition to hardware products. As long as you have a need, we are strive for satisfying you. Welcome to contact us and get your unique surprise.


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