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How to Improve Meeting Effectiveness: 4 Tips and Smart Solutions

How to Improve Meeting Effectiveness: 4 Tips and Smart Solutions


Meetings are a necessary activity both at school and in the company. The main purpose of meetings is to help communicate ideas, collect good suggestions and solve problems. However, many companies do not have efficient meetings in their daily work environment. Maybe you've seen a room with over ten people in a meeting, but all arguing. Even after two or three hours of discussion, no conclusion is reached. The final problem is not solved either. So how can you improve the efficiency of your meetings? IQ can provide you with intelligent meeting room solutions. We can offer smart devices to improve the efficiency of your meetings.You can browse by clicking here. This article also provides you with four tips.


1. Clarify intentions and topics

The purpose of a meeting is to solve problems. So you need to clarify the purpose of the meeting before you meet. For example, you are holding a regular departmental meeting. First, you need to determine what the meeting is to address. Is it going to be a quarterly staff presentation or a case study sharing? If the focus is on the employees, give them more time to give their ideas. Some employees should be told in advance if it is a case sharing. This gives staff time to sort out case times, events, etc. They will then be able to share more fluently.


1.1 Proactive communication

When holding departmental meetings, you must keep updated with information. Colleagues need to communicate proactively with each other to get problems solved. In some failed meetings, the participants do not express their views. Encouraging staff to actively share their ideas is an effective measure to improve the efficiency of meetings.


1.2 Brainstorming

Using a brainstorming format for meetings will improve the efficiency of the meetings. This is because the participants can spread their minds and get more inspiration. IQ JoinMemos V1.1 is a special software designed for brainstorming. It has a variety of meeting collaboration tools. Such as the pen, screenshot, recording, and handwriting recognition. It is easy to meet the needs of collaborative meetings. And it has a special section for brainstorming. A variety of brainstorming templates are available. Empower collaborative brainstorming sessions and let ideas flow freely. Feel free to use sticky notes to collect your ideas. Let inspiration happen on every page of JoinMemos.


2. Prepare well before the meeting

It is important to prepare well for the meeting. Such as the purpose of the meeting, the participants, and the content of the meeting. Adequate preparation before the meeting can better cope with the situation that arises during the meeting.


3. Notes for the meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, it is better to take a brief introduction. For example, the theme of the meeting, the time, and the topic. During the meeting, you can remind the  main points of the event. Don't forget to summarise at the end of the meeting. Avoid missing out on key points.


4. Follow up after the meeting

Take care to compile the minutes after the meeting. Share the highlights of the meeting with the attendees. Allow them to review them after the meeting. And pay attention to the issues mentioned in the meeting in the follow-up. And one person needs to keep track of whether the issues have been resolved.


5. Example analysis

Besides, to help users upgrade their meeting rooms, IQ offers different options for different sizes of meeting rooms. Different conference products and solutions for different-sized rooms. Smart Meeting Room includes Next Gen, The Auditorium, The Studio, The Ideation Hub, The Vibe, and more.


5.1 Next Gen Conference Room

If your room is between 40㎡ and 60㎡, this is the ideal size for this solution. We will provide you with 2+1 screen interaction for the entire conference room. It is made up of dual IQTouch (Our latest model of interactive flat panel IQTouch TB1100 Pro can support NFC technology. 4K Wireless Screen Sharing. As a natural extension of BYOD, BYOM allows you to wirelessly access the camera of TB1100 Pro and start the video conference with your preferred UC platform.) and IQPodium. A convenient experience for you like never before. The dual-screen set-up feature allows you to make video calls on one screen while conducting a video conference. One screen allows you to use the whiteboard for meeting notes. There are also different options if the meeting is just face-to-face. You can use one screen as a PPT presentation of the meeting content. The other screen opens the JoinMemos software for brainstorming. The annotation solution for dual-screen presentations promotes collaboration and communication during meetings.


·And IQPodium is the optimal tool to increase interaction with attendees. It allows you to achieve control of your presentation or lecture without turning your back on the audience. This tool allows you to make more eye contact with your attendees. Annotate anything using super fast and smooth analog handwriting. The height of the stand can also be adjusted to suit your habits. Giving you ease and comfort of use.



We can help you to improve the efficiency of your meetings in general two areas. On the one hand, the meeting process should be carefully prepared. Clarify the purpose of the meeting, etc. This can greatly reduce unnecessary paving. The other aspect is to upgrade the equipment in the meeting room. Change the meeting room into a smart space. Use intelligent tools to streamline the meeting process. IQ is committed to delivering a better product experience for our customers. Our core value is to provide our customers with the hardware and software and so on. What's more, we can offer better intelligent solutions. If you are upgrading your meeting room. Please contact us. We will set you up with 24-hour online customer service on our website.


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