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IQ vs Extron:Which Is the Most Cost-effective Lecture Capture System

IQ vs Extron:Which Is the Most Cost-effective Lecture Capture System


The function of capturing, recording, and live streaming lecture audio visual content in the lecture capture system has made its role increasingly important in modern education. But how to choose a suitable, cost-effective capture system is also an important topic. This article will compare the appearance design, operational difficulty, audio and video recording quality, recording content editing function, and application scenarios to determine which camera capture system is your best choice between the innovative IQVideo LCS710 and Extron StudioStation.

1. The introduction of the two significant roles in this article

The two objectives we want to compare are leading technology companies worldwide. Now, let me learn about their background in research and development.

1.1 IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710

The unlimited potential of the IQVideo LCS710 lecture recording system can lead to the future of blended learning education. This advanced speech capture system is supported by state-of-the-art 4K ePTZ cameras and seamless settings, supporting up to 5 video sources, providing a truly immersive interactive educational experience. Provide educators with an intuitive lecture recording function that effortlessly records captivating lectures with just one click.

1.2 Extron StudioStation

From the perspective of audio and video technology, Extron's hardware products adopt advanced audio and video technology, providing high-quality image, sound recording, and playback, providing users with a high-quality recording and playback experience. At the same time, it also has powerful signal processing and distribution functions, supporting multi-source input and multi-display output, suitable for complex classroom and conference room settings. In addition, Extron's products support network integration and remote management, making it easy for administrators to monitor, configure, and control devices.

2. Appearance design

The user-friendly IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 has a 13.3-inch interactive touch screen with scratch-resistant tempered glass.

2.1 The 13.3-inch capacitive touch screen of IQVideo Picture Capture System LCS710

The 13.3-inch capacitive touch screen of IQVideo Picture Capture System LCS710 allows users to interact through the touch screen. Users can click, slide, zoom, and conduct other operations on the screen with their fingers or dedicated touch pens to obtain an intuitive user interface and operating experience. In addition, the new and intuitive UI design greatly simplifies user operations.

2.2 The scratch-resistant tempered glass of IQVideo Picture Capture System LCS710

The scratch-resistant tempered glass of IQVideo Picture Capture System LCS710 is a particular type of glass material with high strength and scratch resistance, providing more long-lasting durability. It can effectively protect the surface of the touch screen from scratches, fingerprints, and other physical damage. This protective layer can extend the lifespan of the touch screen and ensure that the screen's visibility and touch function are not compromised.

2.3 The device kit of Extron StudioStation

Extron StudioStation contains a series of audio and video recorders and processors, and its exterior design principle is to meet the regular operation of functions. However, its remote control panel and tabletop enclosure are available in a black finish to complement any decor.

3. User-friendliness at the recording operation

It is worth celebrating that IQVideo LCS710 and Extron StudioStation's recording and opening functions are both straightforward. But there are also specific differences. There is no need to worry about tedious operating procedures and pairing procedures. Only touch one button on the video station's screen, so you can start recording video lectures immediately from IQVideo LCS710.

The Extron StudioStation simplifies the recording process by automating all functions. Users can start recording and streaming with just one button press without needing support staff. The operation of recording and capturing is straightforward to understand.

4. The quality of recording visual content

Extron's advanced scaling and adaptable signal processing allow for excellent recording of almost all HDMI source resolutions. The default recording settings are set to capture at 720p with a bitrate of 5 Mbps, resulting in an MP4 file that can be played on most media players or editing software. Visual content capture ability The core function of the lecture capture system is clear audio reception and high-definition capture of images. It's a pity that Extron StudioStation didn't provide particular visual content capture devices. Howeverthe two 4K ePTZ cameras of IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 can capture more details when recording.

Compared to Extron StudioStation, the 4K ePTZ camera is the most significant advantage of IQVideo LCS710. Two ePTZ cameras with a resolution of 8.4 million pixels can capture four scenes of teachers and students. The camera adopts automatic tracking technology, which can intelligently switch between panoramic and close-up views during teaching.

In addition, the video station of IQVideo LCS710 can also support multiple input sources, including teacher and student acquisition, teaching courseware, external images, and more. Users can also choose to generate mixed recorded videos or source videos separately.

5. Modification and editing of recorded audio video content

Although many users do not have a high demand for modifying recorded content, giving users a certain degree of editing ability can improve the efficiency of recording, disseminating, and replaying videos.

5.1 Horizontal video mirroring function of Extron StudioStation

Horizontal Video Mirroring LinkLicensecan of Extron StudioStation can save time and improve the efficiency of video editing work. Recordings from lightboard applications appear reversed as if seen in a mirror. The horizontal mirroring function automatically flips the video to make the recordings readable. It means switching the video horizontally to accommodate lightboards or other situations where the video image must be converted because the presenter faces the camera while writing on a see-through surface.

5.2 Embedded audio processing function

A ceiling microphone with a 7-meter voice of IQVideo LCS710 can record distance sounding. It can expand the range of voice pickup in large rooms. The built-in audio processor of IQVideo LCS710 supports automatic mixing, noise suppression, and acoustic echo cancellation technology, ensuring that lecture videos are noise-free. The recording system can make the sound more transparent using acoustic echo cancellation technology. It can eliminate the interference of the sound played by the speaker on the sound captured by the microphone, reduce noise and reverberation, and improve the quality of recorded sound.

6. Application scenarios

A cost-effective lecture capture system should have multi-scenario applications and adaptation functions to meet the needs of more plans, and user needs to the greatest extent. The two products we compared both have rich applicability in functional scenarios. They can play a role in lecture halls, flipped classrooms, business seminars, video conferencing, and other places. Simply press the start button of IQVideo LCS710 to transfer real-time classes to YouTube and Facebook. The system is compatible with the RTMP/RTMPS streaming protocol. Easy construction of blended or flipped classrooms

In addition, Extron StudioStation not only supports Facebook Live's RTMPS - transmitting encrypted data streams to Facebook Live to prevent third-party interception of live streams. It also supports RTMP for Vimeo and AWS - transferring data streams to Vimeo, AWS, uStudio, and other selected streaming services.


Through the comparison in this article, we found that the innovative IQVideo LCS710 has a higher cost-effectiveness and is more likely to be your top choice. It is a groundbreaking speech capture and recording solution in a dynamic blended learning environment and at the forefront of educational innovation. If you also want to learn more, click here to contact us.

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