Improve Management Efficiency of Smart Devices with Network  Media Processors

Use network media processors to improve the management efficiency of smart devices



With the development of science and technology, the number of intelligent devices increases, and it is necessary to manage its own devices. Take the campus as an example. More and more smart devices are installed on campus. Even if there is only one liquid crystal in each classroom. Managing all LCDs is very troublesome. To improve the efficiency of management smart devices. Pay more and more attention to Networked Media Processors. There is a complete set of solutions in our company. Please click here to quickly learn about our solutions.

What is an Networked Media Processors

Media processor is an embedded programmable microprocessor. It is a tool for processing multimedia data. You can process data, protocol analysis, and routing search. It can be programmed and can meet the needs of new agreements and business. High-performance integrated instructions can improve the efficiency of forwarding. The function of the separation of the conversion control can reduce the energy loss. We have an all-round solution in our company. In this solution, the Networked Media Processor 产品名首字母要大写 is referred to as NMP for short.

Traditional Processor VS Networked Media Processor

The Networked Media Processor can provide the line speed forwarding function of the data packet. The reorganization and spin-off of the data packet can also be performed according to the requirements of the user program. The Networked Media Processor can allocate bandwidth and priority definition according to the needs of the user. It can be more likely to implement the classification management of various user data packets than traditional processors. In general, the network processor maintains the flexibility of CPU based design on the one hand. In addition, the bottleneck of traditional processors is eliminated. The function is more comprehensive. The operation is easier.

What is Q-NEX NMP?

The full name of NMP is Networked Media Processor. Q-NEX NMP integrates the functions of digital broadcasting, digital amplifier, audio and video matrix switching, network switching, power control module and communication control module. Based on these functions, NMP can independently connect AV devices and common electronic devices. Such as the lamps, fans and air conditioners in the classroom. Under the management of a cloud platform, online media processing information can be achieved. It can control management equipment uniformly. In general, Q-NEX NMP is a multimedia application media processor based on the TCP/IP protocol. It is a centralized control box of the Internet of Things. You can build a smart campus system on the existing networking plan of the school. Realize control box management of multimedia classrooms and campuses. You can also control the playback of audio and video broadcasts. Help school administrators effectively arrange various assignments. Simplified the use of multimedia classrooms. Make teachers easier to class. Below I will introduce content about NMP:

About composition

To better manage and use the platform. Our company has a good product for customers. Including a NMP, one Control Panel, two Wireless Mic. You can integrate your existing equipment through the platform. It can satisfy daily work. Simplify your device use. If you have more needs for smart room, you could choose Touch Panel and CBX.

About system

Our NMP integrates a variety of devices and multiple functions into one system. Convenient to daily management. Greatly improved the efficiency of management equipment. For daily push information, the event or emergency notice is very convenient. As long as the integrated system is settled to deploy, it can easily control and manage the equipment. Can control the display equipment and common equipment in the classroom and conference room.

What you should know is:

About diverse interfaces

Q-NEX NMP sets a multi-functional interface. LCD display can be connected in the classroom. You can connect a variety of devices such as microphones, lamps. Personal computers can be connected in the conference room, and control panels can be connected. One device can connect a variety of peripheral devices. Let you easily use public equipment, share your equipment at any time, and control all devices freely.

Control panel functions

We have set a clear and easy to understand control panel for users. Users can operate directly on the control panel. The control panel is designed with a tempered glass touching keyboard. To present more intuitive function icons. Let users use it easily. IC card reader was embedded at the same time. You can let the user swipe the card to activate the control panel. Unauthorized visitors cannot be used. Protect the security of information.

Wireless microphone

Our wireless microphone uses ultra -high frequency bands. In line with international inside and outside. And have strong anti -interference ability. The wireless transmission distance can reach 40 meters. And support up to 24 channel connections.


The use of smart devices has become the mainstream. How to improve management equipment has become the focus of people's attention. To simplify messy management equipment and miscellaneous management methods as well as enhance the efficiency of device automatic workflow. The use of online media processors is necessary. There is a NMP in the campus or conference room to easily manage all devices. Uniformly control management and share cloud resources at any time. It is better to "mini" campus. Campus management is as simple as family management. Bind all the equipment together. Remote collaboration and control at any time. Greatly improved the efficiency of management. Reduce the expenses of personnel and materials. And we can also provide more intelligent products and smart solutions. If you are interested, please visit us at IQBoard and Q-NEX website.


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