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Maximize Meeting Productivity with IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO: The Ultimate Smart Conferencing Solution

Maximize Meeting Productivity with IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO: The Ultimate Smart Conferencing Solution


The pace of time has arrived in 2024, and efficient meetings have become the key to driving enterprise innovation and decision-making. The advanced IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro is one of the top choices for many enterprise conferences. Whether it's a corporate board meeting, a remote collaboration, or an educational seminar, the TE1200 Pro ensures that every voice is heard and every idea is presented. More importantly, every decision is based on accurate information. In this article, we'll look at maximizing your conference productivity with the IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro.

1. Solving meeting challenges

The poor audio-visual quality and cumbersome recording process of video conferences are common problems we often encounter. Of course, this is also where TE1200 Pro is committed to solving and optimizing the conference experience.

1.1 Effectively addressing low-quality video and audio

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the frequency of remote meetings is gradually increasing, and their effectiveness is constantly being confirmed. However, during meetings, do you often face blurry video quality and inaccurate color reproduction? There may also be issues with poor audio quality or noise interference in the sound heard.

1.1.1 The blurry audio-visual effect affects the conference experience

Conference participants may face poor video and audio quality issues without high-quality cameras and microphones. These low-quality issues directly affect our learning and communication efficiency. During the meeting, seeing the speaker's facial expressions and body language or actively participating in discussions and interactions was impossible. Audio issues like echo and noise can also seriously interfere with understanding the discussion content.

1.1.2 Ultimate conference audiovisual experience

We need to establish a higher definition and stable video call system with the help of TE1200 Pro to ensure a clear and smooth communication experience. Ensure that we comprehensively and accurately understand the conference content and achieve in-depth interaction with other peers. With the 4K resolution performance of TE1200 Pro, you can enjoy clear and detailed visual effects. In addition, the 48MP 4K AI camera has features such as panoramic, framing, and speaker modes, making it capable of showcasing its skills in various advanced video conferences.

1.2 Paperless meeting recording to capture critical details

Without an integrated touch screen or writing function, meeting participants may be unable to record, annotate, and collaborate during meetings conveniently. That may result in the need for additional paper, notebooks, or other tools for recording and communication, increasing workload and complexity.

1.2.1 Defects in handwritten recording of meetings or later memories

Recording, summarizing, and reviewing are essential elements in driving success. We often need to take notes and organize them after the meeting or have in-depth discussions with other colleagues about the project. However, mainstream video conferencing systems cannot achieve real-time note-taking or annotation functions online, which greatly inconveniences post-conference work. With the lack of a real-time meeting recording function, we must rely on handwritten notes or later reminders to complete, which inevitably leads to missing details or information points.

1.2.2 Scan the QR code to retain the meeting process

To solve the above problem, the TE1200 Pro integrates touch devices and document-sharing functions, and its built-in software JoinMemos V1.1 supports scanning QR codes to export meeting reviews. In addition, this conference platform also has rich auxiliary tools such as pen type selection, screenshots, screen recording, handwriting recognition, voice-to-text conversion, and group scoring, meeting various needs in collaborative meetings. We take real-time notes or annotations online and synchronize them to the cloud. After the meeting, obtaining complete records and discussing the critical points of the meeting process with colleagues is also convenient, significantly improving project efficiency and meeting communication quality.

2. The application of TE1200 Pro in different types of meetings

The advanced wireless screen sharing and interactive features of IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro activate the attractiveness of sales presentations, the creative potential of brainstorming, and the profound exchange of academic discussions, becoming a vital tool for promoting effective communication and innovative thinking in various conferences.

2.1 Satisfy supply and demand during sales meetings

During sales presentation meetings, the wireless screen-sharing feature of TE1200 Pro allows salespeople to easily share product demonstrations, case studies, and sales data with customers. Salespeople can wirelessly connect their devices to the TE1200 Pro and mirror the real-time content onto a large screen for attendees to better showcase product features, answer customer questions, and enhance sales effectiveness.

2.2 Creating productivity in brainstorming meetings

TE1200 Pro can facilitate collaboration and creative sharing among team members during brainstorming sessions. Team members can connect their devices to TE1200 Pro and project their ideas, charts, and diagrams onto a large screen, allowing the entire team to participate together, discuss, and modify in real time, accelerating the decision-making process and generating creativity.

2.3 Promoting intellectual exchange at academic seminars and conferences

In educational workshops, the wireless screen-sharing function of TE1200 Pro can facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between speakers and audiences. The speaker can connect their device to the TE1200 Pro and present real-time research reports, experimental data, and other content to the audience. The audience can better understand research results and ideas through interaction and questioning with the speaker. TE1200 Pro acts as a communication platform for interaction among participants. Attendees can connect their devices to TE1200 Pro and share their viewpoints, reports, data, and other content in real-time. Other attendees can ask real-time questions, comments, and suggestions, promoting deeper discussions and thinking.

In addition, by customizing the Q button, speakers in academic conferences can quickly switch to different applications or functions, such as annotation tools or screen capture, making the scholarly communication process smoother.

2.4 Corporate board meetings

In such high-level gatherings, decision-makers often need to view complex reports and data presentations. The 4K resolution and 40 touch function of TE1200 Pro allow attendees to zoom in and view details easily. Android 12 and IQ OS V5.0 ensure smooth performance and ease of use.

By using wireless screen sharing, participants can easily map their device screens to the TE1200 Pro, allowing everyone to see the details. Furthermore, by utilizing touch screen and Windows Ink compatibility, attendees can directly annotate and edit documents on the screen, making communication more interactive and efficient.


Through this article, we can find that the design concept of IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro is to simplify the complexity of conference rooms. Its intuitive, high-performance interaction system provides a seamless collaboration platform for business or educational organizations. Suppose you are interested in this comprehensive intelligent conference solution. In that case, you can click here to contact us and learn about the ultimate innovative conference solution that enables efficient collaboration and communication.

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