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Maximizing Collaboration: The Best Interactive Flat Panels of 2024

Maximizing Collaboration: The Best Interactive Flat Panels of 2024


The biggest feature of the world today is connectivity. From connection to collaboration, innovation, and productivity must be the cornerstones of collaborative communication. Whether in the classroom or in the conference room, smart board interactive flat panel displays have become the key to achieving this spirit of collaboration. As we move into 2024, with more and more smart products taking connectivity a step further, let's explore the leading interactive flat panel displays through the many standards and product choices listed in this article.


1. Introduction to smart interactive flat panels

Smartboard interactive flat panels are advanced displays that allow users to interact with digital content directly on the screen using touch gestures, styluses, or remote connectivity. They have revolutionized presentations, teaching, and collaborative work by combining the best aspects of traditional whiteboards with cutting-edge technology.


1.1 What is an intelligent interactive flat panel?

What is a smart interactive tablet? In essence, the intelligent interactive flat panel is a touchscreen display with a larger size for more people to use. Because interactive flat panels can provide users with the ability to interact directly with digital content. In terms of product composition, they are equipped with advanced sensors that can detect touch and stylus input, allowing multiple users to write, draw, or manipulate data on the screen at the same time, which is largely provided by features such as multi-touch or writing sensors.


1.2 The evolution of interactive displays

The evolution process of intelligent interactive flat panels is full of innovation. Updates are made through a confluence of usage feedback and advances in technology. Resulting in a more optimized generation of products. The journey of the Intelligent interactive flat panel began with the advent of the first interactive whiteboard, which contained a projector and a touchpad. With the advancement of technology, these systems evolved into fully integrated tablets, integration to meet the integration of more functions in one, more convenient, and more efficient.


2. Criteria for the best interactive flat panels

When choosing the best smart board interactive flat panel display, we should consider several important criteria. In this way, it can be selected to meet the needs of users and their environment. Here are a few key factors that we believe need special consideration.


2.1 Touch responsiveness and multi-touch function

The most important feature of an interactive tablet is its interactivity. The interactive behavior uses finger touches and movements to prompt the interactive flat panel system to record touches quickly and accurately. Unlike personal mobile phones, interactive flat panels are often used in collaborative work or study places, so the best performance should support multi-touch to allow multiple users to interact at the same time.


2.2 Display quality

The display quality of the screen often presents different display quality because of the production type of the screen process. In the mainstream market demand, customers are often looking for high-resolution screens, because they can provide clear and sharp images and text. In addition, some anti-fingerprint and anti-glare properties are also additional criteria to evaluate the quality of the interactive flat panel. On the one hand, anti-glare surfaces reduce reflections and maintain visibility in bright environments. In addition, good contrast can clearly present bright colors, giving users a better visual perception.


2.3 Dimensions and aspect ratio

The size and aspect ratio are the basic parameter information of the interactive flat panel. Size options should be appropriate for various room sizes and viewing distances.


2.4 Connection options

The main forms of connection are wired connection and wireless connection. A good interactive flat panel should be equipped with enough ports for HDMI, USB, Type-C, and other connections. Wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should be easy to use and flexible.

Of course, it would necessarily be better if we chose an interactive flat panel that is compatible with a variety of devices, including PCs and smartphones.


2.5 Interaction and collaboration functions

If we choose an interactive flat panel with many built-in tools and software that facilitate collaboration, such as digital whiteboards and screen sharing. It makes it easy to save and share important records of work sessions, and this is one of our key criteria for selecting a quality interactive flat panel.


2.7 Audio and video functions

The interactive flat panel requires a built-in speaker that transmits clear sound quality and is suitable for multimedia use. Of course, we can also choose to use audio equipment with it, but products that integrate multiple functions are often more pleasing.


2.8 Durability and reliability

From the point of view of evaluating hardware performance, the interactive flat panel should be structurally robust and withstand frequent use. The cost of an interactive flat panel is already relatively high, and if you buy a vulnerable product with poor quality, it will also cost you more to maintain. Besides, we also need to make sure the product after-sales team is reliable and patient, then troubleshooting and maintenance support is not very laborious.


3. Top interactive flat panels of 2024

Interactive flat panels provide us with innovative ways to engage, collaborate, and present information. As of 2024, the market has witnessed technological advances in the field of numerous interactive flat panel products, with more specialized models for the market and users to choose from. Below are some of the top interactive flat panels, each of which has been selected for its performance, functionality, and user experience.



The powerful IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO for business and education stands out for its rich display options and cutting-edge technology. It comes with award-winning teaching software, making it a school favorite. 98-inch and 110-inch models are available for large meeting spaces and classrooms. The advanced Android 13 operating system and IQ OS V5.0 are used to provide a smooth user experience. Proximity sensors are integrated to improve energy efficiency, activating the screen when the user approaches. In addition, it provides excellent sound quality through high-resolution AI cameras and microphone arrays, enabling clear communication and meetings.


3.2 Prometheus ActivPanel series

Promethean's ActivPanel series is known for its educational focus and robust software ecosystem. It not only has a durable structure to meet the needs of classroom use. It also supports wireless screen sharing, allowing students and teachers to contribute from their devices.


3.3 SMART Board 7000R Pro Series

The SMART 7000R Pro series is tailored for business environments and emphasizes seamless integration with enterprise tools: Utilize HyPr Touch™ and EMR technology to provide superior touch and ink accuracy. Equipped with SMART Meeting Pro® software to improve the efficiency of the meeting.


3.4  Viewsonic ViewBoard series

ViewSonic's ViewBoard is the perfect blend of interactivity and economy: offering 4K ultra HD resolution for superior image clarity. Includes myViewBoard™ digital whiteboard software to facilitate collaboration. Enable dual pen functionality and provide USB-C connectivity for versatility. Integrated IoT sensor centers for smart environment adjustment and asset management.


3.5  Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is a stylish addition to any modern workspace: it features a brightly colored high-resolution PixelSense™ display that supports multi-touch and pen input. It also runs on Windows 10 and provides seamless integration with Microsoft's suite of productivity tools, which provides easy mobility and a modular design to accommodate a variety of workplace configurations.


Final thoughts

IQBoard's smart whiteboard was developed to continuously meet the collaboration needs of the ever-changing modern workspace and educational environment. Through the characteristics of this paper, we believe that, in general, the IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO is a fusion of innovation and practicality. With its high-performance specifications and user-centric design, it promises to deliver transformative interactive experiences. Expect this product to be the best assistant for your work environment in 2024. If you're interested in this interactive flat panel or one of its series products, you can contact us here to unlock more immersive presentations and interactions on a larger screen.



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