Returnstar Technology to exhibit at InfoComm Asia 2023 with innovative solutions for smart classroom and smart conference-IQBoard
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Returnstar Technology to exhibit at InfoComm Asia 2023 with innovative solutions for smart classroom and smart conference

Returnstar Technology to exhibit at InfoComm Asia 2023 with innovative solutions for smart classroom and smart conference


From May 24 to 26, Returnstar Technology, the global leading provider of smart campus and smart conference solution, will be showcasing integrated audio/video solutions for global audiences. InfoComm Asia is one of the world’s largest leading AV and system integration exhibition held in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok,Thailand.

In the event, Returnstar will be showcasing its two brands: IQ and Q-NEX. IQ features a wide range of cutting-edge products that are integrated for business and education application scenarios. While Q-NEX offers remote and centralized control solutions by converging IQ products and existing third-party devices to all-in-one Networked Media Processor (NMP) or Media Box (MBX) to achieve audio/video distribution and centralized device control over Q-NEX cloud-based platform. For details, please visit here.

Showcasing IQ Product Deployment in Q-NEX Solutions

The Q-NEX team will be demonstrating how the IQ products can be deployed along with the IoT devices in Q-NEX solutions to achieve smart classroom, campus-wide AV distribution, and Smart Meeting with remote and centralized control.

Smart Classroom Solution

This solution centers on lecture capturing. We will be revealing the power of IQ lecture capture sytem in making the hybrid learning enjoyable to both local and remote learning students in our demonstration.

All our attendees will be able to see and experience how the IQ lecture capture sytem featuring video station, auto-tracking camera, and ceiling mic can work in unison with Q-NEX Network Media Processor (NMP) to live stream its enriched lecture contents to targeted places within the campus over Q-NEX cloud-based platform in hybrid learning scenario.

● Campus-Wide AV Distribution Solution

In this solution, we will be presenting both IQ products, IoT device and Q-NEX media box (MBX) involved in Q-NEX solution to achieve MBX-based campus-wide audio/video broadcasting and live streaming. Attendees will be provided with a demo simulating AV broadcast and distribution at the corridor and outside of the classroom.

● Smart Meeting Solution

This solution focus on the wireless screen sharing technology that brings about smart hybrid meeting involving both local and remote meeting participants.

 IQ team will be demonstrating how you can achieve BYOD/BYOM meeting by taking advantage of IQShare WP40 (Wireless Presentation System), which works in unison with IQTouch interactive display, IQMeet Conference camera , speakerphone for a highly immersive hybrid meeting.

Who We Are

Returnstar Technlology has been dedicated to the educational industry since 2006. With over 17 years of development, it has now come to us with two parellel brands: IQ and Q-NEX. As a global leading AV solution provider for education and business environment, Returnstar is committed to providing our customers with best products and solutions.

Returnstar products and solutions have been deployed in more than 3,200 projects worldwide in over 100 countries and regions and we are trusted by 300 plus partners worldwide with 7 industry awards.
To discover more about IQ/Q-NEX products solution, please visit Q-NEX/IQ team at booth A01 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand. Or you can also contact us here.


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