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The 10 Advantages for the Video Conference

The 10 Advantages for the Video Conference


The use of video conferencing is becoming common trend. You may have joined online conference many times.  Or you may have different branches and offices. The fact is that, video conferencing is becoming a new way to communication in the company. This model can bring people together remotely and increasing collaboration and interaction. What’s more it can save a lot of effort and time. This means that if you haven't used video conferencing you need take more time in the processing. Sometimes maybe you do not know how to change the work model. To help you get different options and the benefits of online meetings, IQ gives you some tips. In this article, IQ gives you ten advantages to get the meaning of video meetings. And it can help you understand the advantages of the hybrid working model.


1. Improve the efficiency of communication

It is well known that people processes images and visual information much faster than text or sound. There are 62% of managers believe that video conferencing can improve the quality of meetings and communication. A study find, 50% of participants have a better understanding of the meaning of the topics in the online meeting. So, regardless of the size of your company, it is important to have high-quality meetings to share ideas, carry out projects, and plan to achieve organizational goals.


2. Build new and stable relationships

When you make a new friend, it's easier to gain their trust by using facial and body movements. But for an frequent employee, video conferencing is a great alternative to do face-to-face meetings. High-quality video conferencing communication builds stable and friendly relationships with remote colleagues and clients. In one study, 98% of participants admitted that this technology helped them build stable relationships with colleagues.


3. Economically sound

Equip your team with a simple and practical video conferencing tool. This allows you to communicate with your colleague and client without traveling long distances. This way can help you to reduce travel costs. And you can used the video conferencing tool to work remotely. So this model can improve the efficiency and save office costs.


4. Save time

Sometimes you and your colleagues waste hours attending in-city meetings. Or you may waste part of a day or several days to attend inter-city or international meetings. Besides to special meetings, you can use this technology to resolve and review other business issues. For example, you don't have to send and receive dozens of emails and waste time responding to and checking each one. Instead, you can quickly check and resolve issues with a short video conference call. One survey found that 89% of respondents felt that video conferencing helped to reduce the amount of time spent on completing projects or assigned tasks.


5. Simple participation

A good video conference is more than just simple audio and video communication. This high-quality communication provides all participants with a variety of simple and useful tools such as "file sharing". You can easily use all the tools to communicate and discuss.


6. More efficient

The use of verbal, the non-verbal symbols, the use of various tools, and the possibility of attending from any place all have an impact on a meeting. Then utilizing these factors to create clearer communication will increase the efficiency of every participant in the meeting.


7. Increased productivity

Video conferencing makes it easier to send documents and attachments. There is no need to send long chains of emails and documents on another communication platform. This prevents confusion among participants and delays in receiving content. Besides, you can call and interact with many points at the same time. So you can always be sure of the quality of calls made and questions answered. Since telephony and video conferencing eliminates the need for your team to travel many times. So your colleagues can use the useful time in the day to do other things or hold other meetings.


8. Plan meetings more easily

If your colleagues travel a lot, planning meetings can be a challenge for you. Any event, such as morning traffic, delayed flights, or feeling unwell, can disrupt the schedule. By using video conferencing, they can attend scheduled meetings almost anywhere. Wherever you are in a taxi, at the airport, at their desk, or at home all of is ok. This way allows you to schedule meetings at different times and conditions.


9. Consistent and Accurate Files and Records

When you take part in a conference, a team member is usually responsible for taking minutes. Due to the speed of the dialogue and the number of topics, you may miss many important topics. But with video conferencing technology, you can record content. So you'll get the entire meeting in audio and video format as you like. And it makes easy for you to access the meeting archive at any time. Also you can make the recorded files available to people who can't attend the meeting.


10. Hold a "Live" ceremony

Using video conferencing equipment and platforms, you can organize live events and ceremonies with colleagues or clients in a public place. This tool allows you to host others using the highest quality and most complete tools available. And impress audiences from all over the world during roundtables, webinars, and celebrations.



Video conferencing is becoming an increasingly popular mode of working. People have the same goal of being more productive. IQ has been producing and making AV products since 2006. We can provide cameras, microphones, and other products for enterprises to build smart meeting room environments. We can also build shared resource teaching models for schools. If you are considering upgrading your space, please contact us. We as AV experts can provide you with more suitable suggestions.


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