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Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Embrace the Lecture Capture System

Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Embrace the Lecture Capture System


Lecture capture technology is a powerful educational tool. It goes beyond the physical boundaries of the school. It allows learning activities not limited to a specific time and space. With a lecture capture system like advanced LCS710 or LCS910, every interaction in the classroom, every question explored, and every piece of knowledge transmitted is precisely and vividly captured. It can subsequently be watched and learned repeatedly by anyone, anywhere. In this article, we will explore the top 10 reasons why teachers choose Lecture Capture System.

1. Enhance classroom accessibility for absent students

As a teacher, I like a class with a high sitting rate. That means that his teaching is attractive and practical and reflects his authority as a teacher. But, the problem of student absence is not a problem that can be solved in a lasting way. While some delinquent students' absences are due to deliberate absenteeism, they miss essential explanations and discussions when some students cannot attend class due to illness or other emergencies. Without recording systems, it is difficult for teachers to provide alternative learning resources of the same quality.

Fortunately, the Lecture Capture System allows students who miss class due to illness or other reasons to catch up on what they miss. The Lecture Capture System takes care of the needs of every student, respects their situation, and strives to leave no one behind.

In addition, the LCS710 and LCS 910 are compatible with the RTMP/RTMPS streaming protocol. Easily livestream lessons to YouTube and Facebook. It ensures that every student, regardless of their difficulties, can continue their studies without being deterred by unexpected challenges.

2. Strengthen students' review and enhance efficiency

We know that learning doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and practice. Through the Lecture Capture System, students can listen to the lecture again and revisit difficult points and key concepts. This autonomous review opportunity significantly strengthens the depth and breadth of learning. It not only promotes the absorption of knowledge, but more importantly, it reinforces students' understanding and enables them to internalize knowledge and translate it into their own thoughts and skills.

Without a recorded class, students cannot revisit the course content at their own pace, which is an obvious shortcoming for students needing extra time to digest the information. The lecture capture system allows students to re-watch lectures at their own pace, especially for complex and profound subjects.

3. Improve learning flexibility

Students can work independently by recording the lecture, pausing, and re-watching challenging parts. The lecture content stored in the cloud of the lecture capture system is like an open library, ready for them to review and refer to deepen their understanding and consolidate their memory. That is a kind of democratization of educational resources so that knowledge acquisition is no longer limited by time and space, and anyone eager to learn can access high-quality educational content anytime.

4. Enhance students' participation in class

In the past, students had to spend more time taking notes, which reduced the opportunities for in-depth discussion and interaction between teachers and students in class. Whereas now, teachers can use the lecture capture system to flip the classroom, using class viewing as homework before the formal class and using class time for interactive activities. In this new teaching mode, students can watch classroom videos outside the standard class time to release the time spent writing notes.

In this way, students enter the class with knowledge and preparation of the material in advance, and their minds are trained in the actual classroom interaction. We use class time for in-depth discussion, group work, problem-solving, and other forms of active learning. This not only deepened students' understanding of the subject content but, more importantly, cultivated their critical thinking ability, cooperative spirit, and the habit of self-learning.

5. Support diverse learning styles

Education is about transmitting knowledge and triggering thinking, stimulating interest, and cultivating problem-solving skills. The lecture capture technology strengthens the interactivity and intuitiveness in the teaching process, making the teaching no longer limited to the description of words and languages but more vivid and specific. Both visual and auditory learners benefit significantly by being able to watch and hear the lecture multiple times.

6. Promote learning as supplementary materials

High-performance LCS710, equipped with a dual-camera system and automatic tracking technology, represents a leap in teaching methods. This advanced equipment can reduce a lot of manual operations, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching, it can capture the interaction between students and teachers in the classroom and record precious moments. It switches freely between panoramic and close-up, ensuring that neither remote students, future teachers, nor students reviewing the class will miss critical learning moments. Recorded lectures can be used as additional learning resources to supplement reading materials and other courses.

7. Promote the development of lecturers' teaching skills

The LCS710 has two excellent 8.4-megapixel cameras that capture different scenes in the classroom with perfect clarity. Even more impressive, it comes with auto-tracking technology. Whether the teacher is walking around the classroom lectern, doing annotation on the blackboard, or doing some demonstrations, these movement will all be tracked and captured. It can better capture the teacher’s facial expressions to ensure that you will not miss any key lecture moment.

For teachers, they can review their lectures to improve their teaching skills and presentation skills. Teachers can review their lectures to analyze the effectiveness of their teaching methods and identify improvement areas. In addition, they can also share their lectures and communicate with their peers, thus continuously improving the quality of teaching.

At the same time, the lecture capture system also provides teachers with a valuable opportunity for self-reflection, a tool for self-reflection and professional development. By reviewing their lectures, teachers can observe and improve their teaching strategies and presentation skills, which is beneficial for personal and professional development. Every lecture is an opportunity for self-improvement, and every video is a basis for progress.

8. High-capacity storage

In the prosperous course of education, we pursue the continuity of knowledge and the eternity of progress. The cloud storage solution provided by the IQ Lecture Capture System is a modern tool to realize this idea. Each capture of a class lecture, each conversation recording, is no longer a fleeting moment but a material that can be reviewed and studied repeatedly. The IQ Lecture Capture System has standard 1T storage for recorded courses, which can store approximately around one month course, also it's available for storage expansion to 2T, 4T, and more. IQVideo Lecture Capture System provides a valuable knowledge base, which can be used for immediate learning needs and future educational practice.

9. Promote the development of distance education

The Lecture Capture System reinforces our educational reach on campus and, more importantly, demonstrates our commitment to equal opportunity in education. Everyone, regardless of location, socioeconomic status, or personal living conditions, should have access to educational resources of similar quality. With the help of the power of the Lecture Capture System, the height of distance education is no longer a distant ideal.

10. Easy to operate

IQ Lecture Capture System can give teachers a user-friendly operation experience, one-click recording, and OTA update, making recording and software optimization a breeze. In addition, the camera of the IQ lecture capture system supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), which provides a more convenient installation and use experience for teachers. You can eliminate the tedious power harness by connecting your camera to the network and enjoying its excellent features. Of course, teachers can also easily create personalized lecture videos on the Video Station. For example, add the video's class title, teaching time, course content outline, and OSD Settings.

Final thoughts

IQ Lecture Capture System provides the classroom with an advanced recording system capable of live streaming the classroom to remote students and streaming to other classrooms within an educational institution.

In this way, freedom and democracy in education are achieved. Each student can choose the learning content according to their own pace and interest, and the role of the teacher has changed from a superficial knowledge transmitter to a guide and a companion. You can click here to contact us to help students build a bridge to high-efficiency learning and cultivate their problem-solving abilities.

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