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What Is A Document Camera Used for?

What Is A Document Camera Used for?


Many people want to know what a document camera is. The document camera is also known as an electronic physical projector or interactive physical projector. Many people use it for educational purposes. The user can place the visualizer on a table to capture objects for display. Such as physical documents and images. The visualizer can display the content of the document in real-time on the connected large screen. Some visualizers are also equipped with a light source that illuminates the files. In IQ, we offer the IQView E4521 is the one with its adjustable light. There is a choice of the brightness of the light. Because of the convenience of the document camera, which is used more in the teaching process.

1. What is a document camera used for

In short, a document camera is a powerful visualizer tool that has been gaining a lot of popularity. Especially in classrooms and other educational institutions over the past few years. With the ability to capture and present the documents, images, and objects in real-time, teachers and students like to use this device. It is an important tool for educators who want to engage their students in dynamic and interactive learning experiences.

1.1 For teacher

A digital visual presenter is useful for teachers, librarians, and others who work in education. The device can be a powerful tool that makes a teacher’s job easier and more effective. A document camera allows teachers to show slides, 3-D objects, documents, and so on. The digital visual presenter can be easily moved around. So it allows teachers to show content from different angles and perspectives. Some cameras even offer built-in annotation software. In IQ Board, we have Interactive Whiteboard Access. The IQView E4521 provides multiple ways to access the powerful interactive whiteboard software for your education enhancement.


1.2 For student

The doc camera can be a basic tool for enhancing understanding and comprehension during class. With the ability to see texts and objects clearly, students can get the correct information and participate in interactive discussions. It’s good for students to improve the efficiency of learning.

2. The feature of the IQView Document Camera

There are many features designed for your classroom on the IQ official website. You can click here “https://www.iqboard.net/iqview_e4521.php” to get more details. IQ Document Camera, also called a digital visual presenter, visualizer, and doc camera, is a versatile and high-quality interactive teaching tool. It is perfect for displaying high-definition physical content to students.

2.1 UHD Demonstration

One of the most impressive features of the IQ doc camera is the 4K Cam & 10x Optical Zoom. With its 8-megapixel camera, this device can easily capture every detail. The visualizer is a good choice for teachers who need to showcase vivid details to students. Moreover, the 10x optical zoom lens enables the camera to focus on documents and physical objects. Additionally, it can provide an unmatched level of detail without distortion. Visual quality is important to enhance the learning experience. So clear presentations are particularly useful in educational environments

2.2 Easy to use

With the easy connectivity options of HDMI, USB, and VGA interface, users can connect to any classroom display, including interactive flat panels, projectors, interactive whiteboards, and so on. HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface that enables users to deliver clear pictures. USB ports allow for easy connections to other devices such as IP cameras and webcams. VGA is a standard analog video interface that is commonly used to connect computers to monitors. IQView E4521 offers three types of interfaces. Its simple design makes it easy to use and allows for seamless integration with classroom display equipment. To sum up, with the product users can easily and quickly present their content to the students.

2.3 Extra large coverage

The doc camera's extra-large coverage allows it to easily capture high-quality pictures of large documents, posters, science experiment and so on. The 90-degree rotation of the lens and A3 size shooting range makes it possible to capture wide-angle shots with minimal distortion and result in clear. This advantage is particularly useful for professionals such as engineers, educators, and designers. The people who often need to showcase large-format materials. With this product, you can easily present your files, allowing you to focus on what matters most your ideas.

2.4 Matrix switch

Normal document cameras only support transferring images to a large screen. It is not possible to switch resources at will. But our products can switch the input sources. Integrating the matrix switch module, the visualizer makes it easy to switch images from three input sources such as physical object demonstration, courseware, and so on.

·How to achieve the matrix switch

Many users are curious about how to use matrix switching with the IQView E4521. Firstly connect the document camera to the display with an HDMI cable. Secondly, another HDMI cable is used to connect to the computer. Once the connection has been made, the user can switch the matrix via the buttons on the doc camera. This means that the product can be used to display a physical file and can also be switched to a computer screen. This function facilitates the teacher's presentation of the courseware.

3. Do document cameras need a projector?

If the users have the document camera in the classroom, they needn’t buy the projector. A document camera is useful even without a projector. With the camera available, users can use their personal computers to show the image.


To sum up, the document camera is a powerful tool that can enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students. The IQ official website document camera offers a range of features designed for you. Such as extra large coverage, easy connectivity for display, matrix switch, extremely compact design, and so on. The IQView E4521 interactive 4k document camera is a great investment for any educator looking to improve the quality of teaching. If you have any interest in our products, please contact us today! We have 24-hour online customer service to serve you.


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