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Why Interactive Flat Panels are Widely Used in Education?

Why Interactive Flat Panels are Widely Used in Education?


Everyone in the education sector is undergoing a digital transformation. And the changes brought by the digital transformation are very visible. The traditional way of education is becoming obsolete. The education industry has made a lot of changes. The most obvious upgrades are in the way teaching and the equipment. Simply put, the education sector is introducing new concepts and tools. Schools are working hard to be able to improve the learning efficiency of their students. More smart devices and intelligent solutions are being used in schools. IQ suggests you learn more about the articles when you decide to remodel your school space. For example, you can browse the IQTouch products line first when choosing IFP. We hope this will bring you more insights.


1. Why use touch screens in education?

Nowadays, tools such as touch screens are indispensable in digital education. These tools have become an integral part of the process. Without them, classrooms would be unthinkable. So the main question is how to manage these tools to improve the efficiency of education. And help teachers release daily work. The classrooms of the future should enable teachers to create an interesting atmosphere. These courses should be accompanied by attractive games.  And student interaction with the teaching process. And the touch screens should be part of the teacher's nature to convey information to the student. The role of technology in the future of education is very impressive. And its importance for improving education will be highly emphasized in the future.


2. What are the advantages of touch screens?

Smart display systems are very effective in improving interaction in educational environments. The interest in the course can be improved through these smart devices. It plays an important role in improving the educational environment. This article summarizes the five advantages of the touch screen.


2.1 Improve student interaction and interest

If you have talked to the teacher you will know that students can not focus on the classroom for a long time. Especially for some teenagers even concentrating for ten minutes is difficult to do. A class is usually 45-60 minutes long. So it is very difficult to make students concentrate. Whereas smart touch screens will display educational content on the digital screen in an attractive way. The teaching and learning process is visualized and graphical.  The teacher and students can interact with each other on the smart touch screen. IQ KitsMemos is an interactive display software from IQBoard. It provides teachers with a variety of templates for classroom activities to create interactive games through interactive whiteboards and interactive tablets. Teaching can be changed from traditional teacher-centered lecturing to student-centered participation, making classroom interaction fun and greatly stimulating students' interest.

2.2 User-friendly operation

We all know that the teacher needs to stand on the platform in the teaching process. When the teacher uses the blackboard he needs to turn his back to the students. The teacher can't pay attention to the student's status in real-time. You have to admit that some students get distracted at this time. To make teachers pay more attention to the students, the IQPodium PD150 is a good choice. The IQPodium Interactive pen display includes an interactive pen and touch screen to help teachers communicate more effectively. Presenters can add notes or illustrations to the touch screen when projected onto a large display. A digital screen paired with an LCD makes a smart podium. The teacher only needs to connect an HDMI cable and a touch USB to realize face-to-face communication with students. At the same time, he can also control the large LCD screen on the back.


2.3 The Impact of Smart Devices on Education

A very important issue in today's world is that technology excites everyone. Modernization and the use of technological tools have made work more attractive to people. Teachers and students certainly welcomed and reacted positively to such a topic. They felt that the use of technology in education and the use of touch monitors made the course more attractive.


2.4 Increased cooperation and participation

One of the main factors for the success of the educational process is the possibility of cooperation and participation between different sectors. The ability to work together to improve education can only be realized with the right tools. In traditional methods, the teacher sits behind a laptop transmitting the material. But it is unable to present the content to the students. However, with the arrival of IFP in the classroom, displaying the required content on touchscreens is possible. People will be able to collaborate on content and present the results to each other. Teamwork is another beneficial outcome of this process. Ultimately, it will increase everyone's productivity.


2.5 Future Sustainability and Stability

Through the use of technological tools, especially touch screens, students will enter a more advanced world. All items that could improve education will be digital and changes will happen.  Transforming classrooms into smart spaces isn't complicated. IQ will offer the smart solutions for you. What’s more, the biggest feature of IQ is easy to install and use. We have professional pre-sale and after-sale teams for you. Please contact us right now.



There is no perfect tool to education. But the technology has certainly improved the efficiency of education. And improve the interactive of students during class. IQ believes that we can provide you with the most suitable smart solution. IQ never stops, IQTouch TB1100 Pro Gen2 Ultra Interactive Touch Panel is the symbol of our continuous innovation. To improve the educational environment we are constantly working hard. Besides, teachers and students should work together to embark on the path of using smart whiteboards correctly. This will improve the learning environment. The classroom will be full of vigor. Students can improve learning efficiency. Our official website has 24-hour online customer personnel. If you need help please let us know here.


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