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Why Screen Sharing Box is Key to a Highly Interactive and Collaborative Meeting


Screening contents sharing is essential in classrooms and meetings. Without this tool, it’s hard for you to present your ideas or contents in a vivid way to influence, attract, and engage your audience for proactive interaction and collaboration whether it is a school, university or  company. The traditional way of screen projecting is basically achieved through wiring up your PCs, laptops with AV cables such as VGA cables and HDMI cables, but that restricts teacher or present’s mobility to better collaborate with students and people in rooms because they are all tethered to the PCs and display.


Wireless Presentation software really frees up the movement of teachers and meeting in the people for maximized collaboration. But it depends on the quality and availability of the network for the screen-content sharing. Then, a wireless screen sharing box, for example, IQShare WP40 comes out to fill in the gap. It not only allows teachers and presenters to move around freely in a room to interact and collaborate with people without being tied to the devices, but also allows them to do wireless presentation totally independent of the network, which ensures stable transmission stability for high-quality wireless screen mirroring. Actually, the screen sharing box function can be greatly maximized through its integration with different types of displaying devices, dongles and screen sharing software to form a comprehensive solution that empowers more convenient, interactive, collaborative wireless presentation with people nearing you and those in a remote distance. And let’s find out in this article about the magic power of the screen boxes.


1. What is screen sharing box?

A sharing box is stand-alone hardware that is embedded with Android system. It is universally adaptable to all types of screen displays such as TV, Projector, IFP panel, or LED display by using an HDMI cable. Sharing box must be used with either dongles and screen sharing software for the wireless presentation, meaning the sharing box receives the data from either of them before its casting the images to the display. It features hotspot-based data transmission for robust, stable, and 4k high-resolution wireless screen sharing.


2. Why we need screen sharing box?

Our society is getting more interactive and collaborative than ever before. Everybody wants to share their idea while getting new information from their peers online or offline. And as a good way to stimulate people to come up with creative ideas, brainstorming has been widely adopted worldwide. But the meeting venues are often equipped without outdated screen-mirroring devices for their lacking of AV ports such HDMI and VGA does not help with a convenient wired presentation, much less support such event as brainstorming that features more interactive and collaborative meeting and discussions. The wireless presentation software saves people from these troubles and inconvenience, but people have to make sure that their displays come with an embedded Android system along with wireless presentation software before they can go wireless. So it is petty demanding from both hardware and software perspectives.


And following are the benefits of using the screen sharing box.

 Better compatibility and software free: screen sharing box can be compatible with a wide range of displays with HDMI interface for screen sharing. Moreover, it can work as well with display with no Android system and pre-installed screen sharing software, which is because it is stand-alone module with an embedded Android system and screen sharing software. And that means you can simply integrate your screen sharing box with existing displaying devices such as TVs and Interactive Display panels without having to worry about if they have Android system and screen sharing software or not. Also it’s budget-saving.


 Hospot-based stable 4k data transmission: compare with wireless sharing software, the screen box can go without the network, thus ensuring a stable and robust 4k data transmission. While the sharing using sharing software tends to be affected by network quality and availability.


● Maximized collaboration and engagement in classrooms and teaching: in the collaboration-intensive event like braining storming, the screen sharing box makes it easier for all the students or participant to share their screen simultaneously from their laptops, smart phone and so on, so people never have to worry about having to wait to switch the devices for the screen sharing, as everybody can get their ideas through instantly, proactively at their fingertip. That way, the meeting can be made productive and engaged.


3. What do we need for a highly interactive brainstorming meeting?

For a highly interactive brainstorming meeting, we need a dongles or sharing software, interactive displays, laptops, smartphones, smartpens.


First to consider is the selection of IFP display to go with IQShare WP40 screen sharing box. The IFP To be recommended is HA1100 PRO interactive display with the following reasons


HA1100 PRO is pre-installed with wireless presentation software ESharePro, an upgraded version of Eshare capable of allowing more than 32 users to be connected with nine split screens being displayed at the same time.

Its embedded EsharePro allows no app casting, meaning you can cast your screen image to the interactive display using the sharing protocols like Airplay, Chromecast, ,Mirrorcast, and so on without having to download EShare software for the screen sharing. Additionally, the software allows webcast-based remote casting, which allows you to share screen with them remotely for better collaboration.

HA1100 PRO comes with a touch-control USB, which allows the presenter to control their laptop directly from the display for such operations sharing document, picture, and playing music or video if needed without going back to their laptop to do it.


Are there any other devices that can help with the collaboration, yes, an IQ Smart Pen is a good option, as the presenter can move freely in the room, here they can actually use the smart pen to control, for example, power-point presentation by simply pairing it up with your laptop. And that’s it, it really convenient and handy.

To sum up, the screen sharing box really has lots of advantages over the HDMI-based the software-based wireless presentation. First, its good compatibility allows it to be easily adapted to all kinds of screen displays and connected with multiple mobile devices at the same time. Second, its hotspot feature ensures 4k stable, and reliable data transmission as opposed to the less stable transmission quality of network-reliant software. And more importantly, it brings about highly interactive and collaborative meetings engaging all the participants in-room and at a remote distance.


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