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IQTouch E.B-Intelligent Blackboard

A newly-design integrated interactive flat panel with Android and Windows system. Adopts the latest
capacitive touch technology to make the touch feel more real and fast. It also supports use normal chalk or
dust-free chalk to write on both side of the blackboard.


Elevate Collaboration and Activeness in Class

With built-in OPS windows 10 system and Android system, IQTouch E.B-Intelligent Blackboard enables the interactivity between teachers and students for quick access to vital collaborative functionalities such as optional screen mirroring and real-time annotation saving.

Enhanced Touch Function

Capacitive touch function ensure a smooth and versatile digital writing experience. Up to ten users can write simultaneously by their fingers or capacitive pen.

4K UHD Visual Presentation

Through advanced 4K UHD resolution, all the displayed content are clear and legible for every participant.

Easy-to-Use Built-in Whiteboard Software

Built-in whiteboard software under Android system allow to write, erase, insert documents or images etc.

Connect with Conveniences

Plug-n-play multimedia devices for fast presentation with rich ports, including HDMI, VGA, USB ports.

Anti-Glare Screen & High Visual Quality

Anti-glare tempered glass touch panel reduces the impact of natural and ambient light interference and guarantees consistent readability.



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