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IQTouch J Interactive Display

IQTouch J series is an interactive display solution, the hub of interactive learning, with IQ software, you can achieve plenty of teaching functions as multi-screen interactivity, student vote activity, small group learning, etc.

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Let’s See IQTouch J Interactive Display

Integrated modules

The TV & Android board, Power supply board and OPS modules are all integrated into one plate for future upgrading and maintenance.

Multi-user Collaboration

With up to 10 points simultaneous touch, multi-users can do collaborative interactivity in any school or working environment.

Front-disassemble Design

Infrared touch frame adopts front-facing independent cover design, easy to disassemble the Infrared frame without any tool assist.

UHD Image Display

4K crystal clear display delivers the highest image quality, giving the most fantastic teaching and learning experience.

IQTouch J Interactive Display


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