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Overview of IQTouch L series and operations


4K UHD Display

Stunning 4K UHD can display a cystal clear image on

20 Touch Points

Enable an interactive and collaborative atmosphere
in classroom and meeting room.

Built-in Wifi hotspot & Optional Multi-screen casting Software

Support to cast your devices to the screen wirelessly, and your devices can control the screen wirelessly.

Built-in Whiteboard Software

Built-in Whiteboard software under Android system allow to write, erase, insert documents or images etc. The annotation page can create QR Code to share and sweep away.

Rich plug-n-play interfaces

Rich plug-n-play interfaces for fast presentation.

Annotation under all input sources to allow teachers to annotate freely.

Support to annotate under all input sources, such as the Android system, built-in OPS Windows system, and any connected external PC.



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